Phantasmal conches are collectible items in the Golden Apple Archipelago event. There are twenty conches recording different parts of the story in this region. You need to collect 16 of them to get the new skin for Fischl.

Genshin Impact Phantasmal Conches Locations Map
Check out all Phantasmal Conches Locations in GAA.

#1. Broken Isle

The first place to find the conch in Genshin Impact Golden Apple Archipelago (GAA) is the Broken Isle. There are five Conches on the central island and sub-island of Broken Isle. Go to the location described below to find them:

  • On a rock on the sandy beach that is easy to spot;
  • At the base of the mountain, on a flat stone on the grassy slope;
  • Between two small rocks on the beach, near the water and some small bushes;
  • Inside an abandoned Hilichurl camp on the northern sub-island;
  • In the center of the centermost island in GAA, on the wooden crate in the center of the empty camp.
Phantasmal Conches On The Crate
You can get a Phantasmal Conch on the wooden crate in the center of the empty camp.

#2. Twinning Isle

There are three conches in Twinning Isle. This island group has two big islands and some small sub-island around. Check out the all conch locations described below to find these event collectible items on this island.

  • On the grassy ledge next to the mountain's base;
  • Climb to the top of the high mountain on the island and go to the bridge between two mountain peaks;
  • Near the beach of the small island in the west of the central island.
Some Conches Spawn In The Open Place
Some conches spawn in open places, such as grassy slopes and beaches.

#3. Minacious Isle

Three Phantasmal Conches in Minacious Isle concentrate on the east side. These items spawn in secret corners or high places but they are pretty near each other. Check out the details of these conch locations in GAA Minacious Isle below.

  • On a stone next to the base of the high mountain;
  • Still in the mountain's inner base, on the top of a circular opening below the peak of the island;
  • On the mountain peak of the Minacious Isle.
You Need 16 Conches
You need to collect 16 conches to get Fischl's new skin.

#4. Pudding Isle

Pudding Isle also has three Phantasmal Conches on three different corners of the island. All three conches on this island spawn in open places.

  • Two conches spawn on the sandy beach in the west and south of the Pudding Isle, very close to the water. So, you just need to walk around the beach to get these easy items.
  • The third one spawns on the Eastern peak, right close to the Teleport Waypoint.
Get The Conch In Gaa
Each conch records a part of the story in this region.

You need 16 conches of all categories to get Fischl's new skin. When your characters are near enough to the conch, its location will be marked on the minimap. Then, you head to the location of the conch on the map and look around to find it.

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