Some locations in Sumeru are leaked in the beta test of Genshin Impact 3.0, such as the reputable Akademiya Institute and the new house of Katheryne. Check out some new places in this new country here.

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New Locations In SUMERU

There are some images of new locations in Sumeru. From these images, Genshin Impact players can imagine how this nation will be.

Sumeru Desert
Sumeru will have both desert and jungle biomes.

India is the model for the design of Sumeru. That’s why you see both lush jungles and dry deserts in this large country.

Large Desert In Sumeru
The geographic condition of Sumeru is pretty similar to that of India.

Besides, there are some famous locations in Sumeru leaked these days, such as the new Adventurer's Guild and the reputable institute.

  • Adventurer’s Guild

The new house of Katheryne will also have an Indian style. It’s small and adorable with some decorative disks and trumpets on the shelf behind her. You can find her house in the capital city of Sumeru. It’s the place to receive AR rewards, Commission rewards, and Expedition collectibles.

Katherynes New House
The new house of Katheryne in Sumeru.

The Adventurers’ Guild in each nation around Teyvat is often decorated in unique styles. In Liyue, it’s decorated in Chinese style. In Inazuma, you can see the Japanese design in the house of Katheryne.

Capital City Of Sumeru
This is the capital city of Sumeru where you can find Katheryne.
  • Tree of Dreams, Vanarana

Another secret location in Sumeru is the Sacred Tree. You collect Dendro Sigils to offer to this tree and get lots of valuable rewards, including 30 free Fates and rare materials.

New Sacred Tree
The Sacred Tree in Sumeru is a giant flower.
  • Akademiya Institute

This is the most famous location in Sumeru. It has a lot of graduates all over Teyvat. Many of them are experts and influencers around this game world, including both playable characters and NPCs.

Akademiya Institute In Sumeru
Lots of players want to visit Akademiya Institute.

Lisa, the beautiful and famous librarian is a graduate of this academic institute. Though she is quite lazy, this smart girl is still a great influencer in Mondstadt.

Visit Akademiya Institute
Akademiya Institute is mentioned in the story of Lisa.

This is also the school of an upcoming playable character - Cyno. You may have met some NPCs in Mondstadts, Liyue, and Inazuma who are students, researchers, and Alumni of Akademiya Institute, such as Soraya, Tsuyuko, Sayid, etc.

Akademiya Institute Image
A lot of experts in Teyvat graduated from Akademiya Institute.

Some images gave you the first look at this academic institute. This beautiful school has marvelous domes, carpeted floors, sophisticatedly carved columns, and some beautiful fountains in the center of different halls.

Inside Akademiya Institute
Akademiya Institute is a stunning school with brilliant domes.
  • Guard Of The Ruin

Guard of the Ruin is a secret explorable location in the wild of Sumeru. It’s a giant broken Ruin Guard robot that has been covered by mosses and bushes after a long time. There are secret chambers inside this giant robot ruin to explore.

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