Genshin Sumeru will have a big quantity of Dendroculi. Besides, this biggest nation in Teyvat will have a Sacred Tree like the Sacred Sakura in Inazuma. Check them out here.

#1. Sumeru Has 270 Dendroculus

As expected, Sumeru will have the highest amount of Oculi in Teyvat up to now. It will have 270 Dendroculi. This number is much higher than the oculi quantities of Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma. Here are the amounts of oculi in each nation:

  • Mondstadt: 65 Anemoculi;
  • Liyue: 130 Geoculi;
  • Inazuma: 180 Electroculi;
  • Sumeru: 270 Dendroculi.

It's understandable because Sumeru has a super large area. Moreover, the difficulty of the game also increases after each update. Therefore, the quantity of Dendroculi you need to find is also higher. You need a helpful exploration team to get them quickly.

Dendroculi Amount
There will be 270 Dendroculi scattered all over the Dendro nation.

It's better to get Kazuha now because he is one of the best characters for exploration in Genshin Impact. His elemental skill can launch him into the air to reach some rare Dendroculi floating in the air. Besides, this swordsman is also very useful for exploration teams.

#2. Sumeru Has A Sacred Tree

Sumeru will have a new ecosystem with lots of new plants. There will be a new sacred tree in this Dendro nation like the Sacred Sakura tree in Inazuma. It's possibly called "Tree of Dreams, Vanarana".

Players can collect Dendro sigils from treasure chests and by upgrading the Statue of Seven in Sumeru. Each level of degradation may require you 25 sigils like the Sakura tree in Inazuma. Then, you may need to collect 1,250 Dendrosigils in total to reach level 50.

Sumeru Sacred Tree
Sumeru will also have a sacred tree with tons of rewards for players to collect.

After you reach level 50, you will get up to 30 Fates to pull new characters from this nation. Here are all rewards you will get from the "Tree of Dreams, Vanarana" offering system:

  • 2.5 million Mora;
  • 30 Fates, including 20 Acquaint Fates and 10 Intertwined Fates;
  • A full set of Midlander weapon billets for all weapons;
  • 5 items of Crown of Insight;
  • 4 Shrine of Depth keys in Sumeru;
  • 500 Mystic Enhancement Ores.

The gameplay of some new characters in Genshin Impact 3.0 has been leaked recently, making players go nuts. Dori is very cute while Collei and Tighnari's gameplay is cool. You can start to save Primogems to get them in the next update.

Collei In Sumeru
The gameplay of some upcoming Sumeru characters has been leaked.

#3. Lots Of Teleport Waypoints

Another surprising point in the Beta test of Sumeru is a large amount of Teleport waypoints. A lot of players are amazed when seeing the map with a high density of Waypoints. Genshin Impact does not often put such many waypoints around a short distance.

Therefore, it’s believed that either Sumeru may have underground regions or the developer team is testing the map to determine which waypoints are more useful. If the second hypothesis is true, developers may remove some of these points after the map is officially released.

The leaked map of Sumeru
The leaked map of Sumeru has a lot of teleport waypoints scattered around a short distance.

There are tons of amazing features in the upcoming Dendro region that make us highly anticipated.

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