Cyno, Nilou & Candace are still unplayable in Genshin Impact. But these Sumeru characters seem to come to the game soon. Check out the expected release date of these three characters here.

#1. Cyno (Early 3.1)

Cyno is one of the most anticipated characters in Genshin Impact now. A lot of leaks about this character have revealed some information about him. This Electro Polearm user may come to the game in update 3.1 as a 5-star character.

That update will likely be available around October 5th, 2022 based on the 6-week cycle of the game. F2P players should start to save Primogems now wan work hard if they want to pull all new Sumeru characters, including Cyno and Nilou.

Cyno Genshin
Lots of players expect the arrival of Cyno - The General Mahamatra in the Sumeru desert.

#2. Nilou (Late 3.1)

Nilou is an upcoming female character from Sumeru. This Hydro Sword user is a very beautiful and charming dancer, so she is also highly anticipated. The banner of this 5-star character will also be available in Update 3.1.

But she may arrive in Teyvat after Cyno about 3 weeks. Therefore, we will likely welcome Nilou around October 26th, in the second half of update 3.1. F2P players can still pull Nilou after obtaining Cyno if they work hard and earn all free Primogems in current updates and events.

The beautiful dancer Nilou may come to the game in the second half of version 3.1.

#3. Candace (Late 3.1)

Candace is a 4-star Hydro Polearm character. She may appear in the banner of Nilou in the second half of update 3.1 on October 26th. The appearance of Candace has not been confirmed yet but this female character may appear in short hair and a long flowing dress with sparkling starry patterns.

Like Mona, Candace can be an astrologer. This character also comes from Sumeru like Nilou and Cyno. Therefore, her design is similar to those two characters to some extent, such as their costume style. Other details of this character can be revealed when after the Sumeru update.

This can be the design of Candace.

The latest teaser of Genshin Impact Sumeru has revealed three other upcoming characters, including:

  • Alhaitham is a man from Haravatat in the Akademiya. You will meet him at the Ormos Port by chance.
  • Dehya is a hot and powerful Desertfolk and a mercenary from The Eremites.
  • The mysterious little girl Nahida has an adorable appearance. She can be the Dendro Archon Kusanali in rumors.

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