Hydro is one of the more popular elements in Genshin Impact, being one-half of the ever-popular Freeze and Vaporization reactions. Currently, there are only 6 Hydro characters in Genshin, with the 7th, Yelan, scheduled for release on the 2.7 patch. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete tier list for all Hydro characters Genshin Impact 2022.

SS tier - The best Hydro characters Genshin Impact


Despite being a 4 star character, Xingqiu is considered the best Hydro character in Genshin Impact. He is the most consistent Hydro support/sub DPS in the game, whose Burst can apply Hydro constantly and consistently.

Xingqiu is generally considered the best Hydro support in the game currently, at least until Yelan is released.

Pairing Xingqiu's Elemental Burst with Pyro characters like Diluc, Klee or Hu Tao is best to set up rapid Vaporize reactions. Likewise, pairing Xingqiu with Cryo characters like Ayaka or Chongyun can set up a Freeze party composition to lock down the battlefield.

Outside of DPS and Hydro application, Xingqiu's kit also give players up to 24% damage reduction and resistance to interruptions.


The newest Hydro character in Genshin, Ayato, is an SS tier DPS character. He can deal high single and multi-target DMG fairly reliably with his kit. Overall, Ayato is actually the only Hydro character that can deal AoE DMG over a large area for a long time.

Kamisato Ayaka Kamisato Ayato 4k 5k Hd Genshin Imp
Ayato is the first good DPS amongst Hydro characters Genshin Impact.

His Elemental Burst is probably the best part of his kit. The skill has a very long duration and can support both teammates and himself. While the energy cost of Ayato's burst is fairly high, his passive more than makes up for it.

The best part about Ayato is that his whole kit scales based on MAX HP, which makes him rather easy to build around.

S tier

Tartaglia (Childe)

Tartaglia or Childe is a rather special bow user - he can switch from ranged to melee with his elemental skill. In exchange for his mediocre ranged damage, he can deal absurd damage by switching to melee. His AOE hits are one of the best, especially when paired with a crowd control character like Venti or Kazuha.

Tartaglia is one of the few characters in the game who can change into different weapons.

Tartaglia has a critical weakness, however. All his kit revolves around his Elemental Skill, yet his skill's maximum cooldown is the longest in the game. This is why he is only S tier.

To remove this weakness, players need to get C1 Childe. It reduces his Elemental Skill cooldown especially after exiting Melee Stance. This can be helpful if you've used his Elemental Skill for a long time.


Mona is a powerful Hydro sub-dps character that was designed around triggering Vaporization. Her key focus is her ability to drastically amplify Elemental DMG with her Elemental Burst, Stellaris Phantasm.

Mona Hydro
Mona's design is fairly simple but effective.

Her ability places a debuff bubble on enemies that not only amplifies the damage dealt to them but also deals an explosion of Hydro damage when the bubble is popped. Using this Hydro explosion to trigger Vaporize will deal massive amounts of damage.

Outside of her powerful burst, she can also serve as a battery and taunt for additional crowd control.

A tier


Kokomi is miHoYo's failed attempt at creating a Hydro Catalyst DPS, however, she is actually not that bad when built right. Overall, the character has excellent healing capability, with an Elemental Skill that deals Hydro damage and heals and the same time. The AoE of Hydro application is fairly high, which makes Kokomi an acceptable Hydro support.

Genshin Impact Sangonomiya Kokomi Wallpaper 5120x2
Amongst Hydro characters Genshin Impact, Kokomi is the easiest to build around.

The core part of Kokomi's damage potential is her Elemental Burst. It deals Hydro DMG and equips her with a Ceremonial Garment that buffs all her Normal and Charged attacks, as well as her Elemental Skill damage.

After releasing her Burst, Kokomi's normal attacks would hit much harder and heal the entire party. She is incapable of doing crit hits, however - this prevents her from ever reaching the S tier.


Barbara is the healer that all players get for free. All of her abilities are focused on healing and supporting only, with almost no DPS potential. At least her heals are varied, with the Elemental Skill having the potential for either burst healing or healing over time.

Barbara Gi
Barbara is the only pure healer amongst Genshin Hydro characters

Her Elemental Burst, Shining Miracle, is a strong ability that massively heals the HP of your entire party. It scales with Barbara's Max HP and is a great emergency heal. Players should always have it available before taking on difficult challenges.

Lastly, Barbara unlocks an extremely rare character ability at C6  - this allows players to automatically revive their characters. The auto revive potential alone makes Barbara decent to bring for challenging high level Spiral Abyss or Weekly Bosses.

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