The Dendro element has been highly focused on support before 3.4, with literally no melee DPS character. With the debut of Alhaitham in 3.4, everything changes - players can now build a team around him as the main Dendro DPS.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete guide for Alhaitham team comps in Genshin Impact 3.4.

1. Alhaitham Quickbloom

  • Alhaitham + Nahida + Shinobu + Yelan

As Alhaitham is yet another Dendro user who focused on reactions, it is not a surprise that quickbloom is amongst his best teams. The main DPS of this comp should be Alhaitham, staying on-field dealing damage with his kit.

Nahida Constellation
Nahida and Raiden are pretty much the best supports for Alhaitham.

Nahida is pretty much the go-to support for any Dendro lineup - she gives Alhaitham resonance and deal decent damage by herself. Yelan's role is to trigger Bloom with her Burst and Alhaitham's attack - her passives give him very high extra damage.

Shinobu is the last component of the comp, providing Electro and heal to blow up the Dendro cores created by Alhaitham and Nahida.

Similar to the usual quickbloom lineup, this team comp is fairly versatile. Players can exchange Yelan for Xingqiu or Kokomi, while Nahida can be replaced with Collei/DMC. Dori can replace Shinobu, who also gives Alhaitham extra energy for Burst.

2. Alhaitham Spread/Aggravate

  • Alhaitham + Nahida + Raiden + Shinobu

Quicken/Spread/Aggravate team is yet another easy pick for a Dendro DPS like Alhaitham. If players have Raiden in the team, she can pretty much carry the whole lineup, giving Alhaitham enough energy to Burst every rotation. Alhaitham does not have off-field capability, however, so players need to play him as the main on-field character.

Kuki Shinobu Banner Release Date 2 7
A healer is required for more consistency.

Raiden Shogun and Nahida both work as secondary damage dealers and support, and Kuki Shinobu serves as an Electro healer and secondary Electro applicator.

A budget lineup could be created fairly easily - players can just put Alhaitham in alongside one Dendro support like Collei or DMC. The electro supports can be any combo of Fischl/Shinobu/Dori/ Yae/Beidou.

3. Alhaitham Burgeon

  • Alhaitham + Thoma + Xingqiu/Yelan + Flex

Alhaitham Burgeon is an elemental reaction powerhouse capable of dealing brutal damage in a variety of different ways. His Dendro infusion kit alongside Xingqiu/Yelan can consistently trigger Bloom to create Dendro cores. Thoma's ability can shield Alhaitham and trigger Burgeon by blowing up those cores.

Thoma Best Polearms
Thoma can trigger Burgeon fairly reliably.

Xiangling is an ok alternative to Thoma. While she deals more damage, Thoma's shield is more beneficial to Alhaitham. Putting Zhongli into the flex slot is probably the best way to deal with Xiangling's weakness.

Additionally, players can even opt for both Xingqiu and Yelan for their incredible off-field damage potential.

4. What are the best teammates for Alhaitham?

Raiden Shogun

The Electro Archon has once again proved her versatility. She can work excellently in both support and sub DPS role for Alhaitham, triggering Quicken reactions while fueling his Burst.


The best support for Alhaitham if you are running dual Dendro, enabling resonance and a lot of extra dmg/Dendro application.


A great character for the flex slot in pretty much all team comps and not just Alhaitham lineups. His excellent shield and interruption protection will allow the field character to go toe to toe with enemies without any problem.

Zhongli Was Weaker Than Expected
Zhongli is the go-to character if you have a free slot.

A melee character like Alhaitham could definitely make use of Zhongli's shield.


Provides Hydro application. In addition, when playing Alhaitham as an on-field DPS, the damage reduction and interruption resistance allow him to be played more comfortably.

In on-field Hyperbloom/Burgeon Alhaitham teams, a second Hydro unit can be used in the Flex spot to keep up with Alhaitham's Dendro application. For Quickbloom teams, however, this is undesirable.


Yelan's Ascension 4 Passive can provide a strong DMG% buff to Alhaitham, which can heavily increase her damage. Her playstyle is similar to Xingqiu, requiring regular Normal Attacks by Alhaitham and her teammates in order to apply Hydro.


Kazuha can swirl Hydro or Electro, which allow Alhaitham teams to function more consistently. His damage, CC and EM bonus are also great boosts.

Kazuha Genshin Impact
Kazuha can swirl elements to make the reaction lineups easier to play.


Albedo is a decent off-field Sub DPS for the flex slot. His off-field damage skill last fairly long and deal great damage in the process. Additionally, Albedo has decent particle generation through Elemental Skill (around equal to C6 Fischl).


Fischl provides considerable Single-Target Sub-DPS. She can also be converted into a pure support build with Elegy and 4pc ToM for buffing purposes.

Yae Miko

Yae Miko Electro Sub Dps
Yae Miko has become one of the top DPS after Dendro was released.

In Dendro reaction based teams, Yae can double or even triple dip in her EM stats through Aggravate and/or Hyperbloom. In addition, she can be paired with many strong units that synergize well with her both on-field and off-field. Do note that in Hyperbloom teams, she should still not build full EM as she does not consistently hit Dendro Cores when off-field and because of the lower team Dendro Core production when Yae is on-field.

Kuki Shinobu

Kuki’s AoE Electro application and additional EM scaling allow her to enable Spread while contributing healing and decent reaction damage through Aggravate. She is also an excellent Hyperbloom/Quickbloom trigger, as she provides good healing even when built entirely to maximize EM.


Yaoyao can condense healing and batterying for Alhaitham, though she struggles to proc Favonius as her Skill doesn’t do an initial hit of damage. She provides good 4DM uptime, especially in single-target. However, preliminary investigation indicates that she may not be sufficient as solo healer in Bloom-based teams where Alhaitham takes Bloom self-damage.

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