Despite her undeniable popularity, Klee is certainly an uncommon choice in late-game content. Klee may have dominated the early versions which heavily favored both her and the Pyro Element in general, but as content progressed and new characters with new teams were released and discovered, her playstyle and skill floor requirements just aren’t returning the same dividends as some others, those of which could be stronger and easier to play. Simply put, Klee isn’t the easiest character to control.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 10 teammates for Klee in Genshin Impact 2023.

1. Bennett

Is Bennett needed in every Klee team? Due to the large variety of strategies, not really, but it is important to understand how well he synergises with Klee, and therefore how borderline irreplaceable he is. Firstly, he enables Klee to require essentially no additional energy recharge bonuses to produce her Burst on demand. Secondly, Klee herself and the vast majority of team mates regardless of exact composition have snapshottable abilities, on top of benefitting hugely from Bennett’s huge attack buff in general, so his supportive boosts provide huge increases in overall team DPS.


2. Xiangling

Due to Xiangling’s high off-field damage and high Pyro application rate, she is often played in a wide variety of teams in Genshin Impact. However, a common theme with her teams is that they generally have to accommodate her high Energy demands, and therefore most of her teams either spend significant portions of time having to battery her, or have higher than average rotation lengths. Due to Klee’s prowess in Energy generation, especially high Pyro Particle generation with her initial two charges of Jumpy Dumpty, this allows Klee-Bennett-Xiangling teams to be one of the few Xiangling teams where her costly Burst is not burdensome and easily used off-cooldown.


Further synergy is provided with Xiangling’s C1 and C6 constellations (even Klee’s C6 for high spenders), small damage increases, however, they can add up. Notably, since Xiangling’s Burst does not normally snapshot her C6, therefore it is typically considered a weak constellation, Klee is able to perfectly make use of it. Xiangling’s Pyronado will also follow Klee around, and Snapshots team buffs similar to Klee’s Burst, allowing the duo tons of freedom for movement and positioning as needed with little drawback.

Many people may look at Xiangling’s EM ascension stat and Pyronado’s reaction potential and then write off her multipurpose kit for synergy in Pyro teams with Klee. However, we should remember that the small starting roster was designed to cover for multiple team variations in mind. It is perfectly reasonable to conclude these two were also intended to be paired together by Hoyoverse.

3. Kazuha

Kazuha is a key top-tier support character that synergizes incredibly with Klee. On the surface, unlike Venti his suction ability is able to pull in Klee’s Jumpy Dumpty and mines, but most importantly is his general prowess in easily applying Viridescent Venerer debuffs in both mono-elemental and reaction teams. He typically performs much better applying this than other Anemo characters. This is in addition to his ability to give himself and his teammates an Elemental DMG Bonus% when swirling an element. This puts him in a position where his team damage boosting benefits are often too hard to ignore. To top it off, his suction effects, although weaker than Venti’s, do not have the potential to send enemies flying in the air, giving him much better synergy with common Klee teammates Rosaria and Xiangling.

Kazuha Always Feels Safe With This Sword

Overall, although in a strict 1:1 comparison he may not be as useful as Venti in certain mobbing combat situations where Venti’s crowd control expertise is too valuable, these factors make him inarguably much more synergistic in the majority of other situations with Klee. You will probably find he is often an ideal fit no matter what idea or team play style you decide on building.

4. Venti

Although he doesn’t suck up Klee’s mines, Venti deals very strong damage (when he actually aims straight!) and has incredible synergy with Klee and many of her teammates. As incredible as Venti is, his main drawback is due to throwing enemies into his burst, there are a relatively limited number of characters who can continue onslaughts of damage to enemies within his burst. Aside from Normal Attacks which have a tendency to be thrown too low, Klee can do this with all her attacks. Furthermore, Venti’s burst provides elemental infusion which is extremely helpful especially in conjunction with Xingqiu, as this constant Hydro application allows Klee to Vaporise Jumpy Dumpty hits she otherwise could not.

Venti Shots Bow

With Reverse Melt teams, this infusion allows Cryo supports to be melting even before Klee switches in. It is an extremely advantageous position to be a character that can synergise with Venti. However please note Mihoyo has steadily scaled back on Venti favorable content and you might find limited effectiveness of his strengths in current end-game situations.

5. Zhongli

With Klee’s teams never relying purely on her own damage, Zhongli’s universal RES Shred via his shield is incredibly handy to increase the output of several team damage sources. In addition, as mentioned earlier Klee can benefit highly from his Interrupt Resist, allowing her to plow through damage without getting staggered from incoming hits. This can be especially important in compositions where Klee is the Enabler, as losing hits from her also results in weaker output from the rest of the team.

Cor Lapis Zhongli

An unfortunate weakness with Zhongli is that teams are limited to 4 members, and due to his weak energy output, slotting him in place of someone else can leave Klee teams, especially herself, in an energy deficit. Additionally, his slot in Klee teams is often competing with Bennett or Venti, who have both proven to provide tons of energy and boost teams to generally much higher damage output. When using Zhongli, this loss in energy and damage output is something you have to weigh out.

6. Xingqiu

Xingqiu, an accessible 4*, has a long lasting Elemental Burst providing Klee high uptime of Vaporise Reactions. His Hydro swords produced from his Burst fire from range, and often apply before Klee’s projectile attacks hit. He will also provide additional Hydro application from the radiating swords if Klee hugs enemies, which is crucial to maintain consistency of application. Note, his hydro swords only fire when Klee uses a Normal Attack, which can make for unnatural gameplay.


He does however come with more downsides. Due to the inconsistent nature of both his and Klee’s projectile-based attacks, and situations where Klee is not hugging enemies, at base these Reactions can be inconsistent. Occasionally, Klee’s Pyro attacks will become the aura instead, and Xingqiu will end up dealing a weak Vaporise hit instead. Nevertheless, this inconsistency is virtually solved if his Constellation 6 is acquired. Now, every third hit will apply an additional two swords, which provide an extra application of Hydro aura onto the enemy that Klee is about to hit. This acts as a hard reset to solve any situations with an unexpected Pyro aura. When using Xingqiu as the sole Hydro applicator, it is recommended as Klee to use N2C N1C combos repeatedly to sync for consistent Vaporized Charge Attacks.

7. Sucrose

Venti and Kazuha can be somewhat substituted with Sucrose. She brings additional sources of damage boosts to the table via her Elemental Mastery sharing talents and potential to wield Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers. She can also provide elemental infusion and gathering, although not as strong. Importantly, she is a 4* character who also does her job at low constellations and with a 3* weapon, making her very handy and cheap for any account.

Sucrose Is An Anemo Battery

Ultimately, Venti’s significantly stronger crowd control, personal damage and energy refunds via his Ascension 4 Passive Talent, Stormeye, his overall contribution is sizably larger and therefore make up stronger Klee teams. Moreover, Kazuha’s damage boosts can in a vacuum be smaller, but his ability to better execute VV debuffs ultimately synergises a lot better with Klee’s teams by being able to buff multiple members with DMG Bonus%. This is especially important as Klee teams often have high amounts of non-reaction damage.

8. Mona

Alternatively, Mona’s Burst is on a shorter 15 second cooldown, and does not require Normal Attacks. So providing her typically large Energy requirements are met, rotation and playstyle wise she can feel more natural to pair with Klee. Her Burst will apply a brief Omen to increase the team’s Burst damage done in a short window. It is important to understand that her personal Hydro application is slower compared to the others, therefore she is always recommended to be combo’d with Anemo infusion for additional infused Hydro application.

Mona Genshin Impact 7766

9. Yelan

Yelan will also work well in vaporize teams, mainly due to her own natural synergy with Xingqiu. Functioning similarly by requiring Normal Attacks, alone she will not be able to provide Hydro application for the Vaporise composition to function sufficiently (in fact, Klee will enable Yelan to Forward Vaporise her own attacks for a 2x damage multiplier). Yet together with Xingqiu, the increased application can allow Klee to spam anything, notably N1C combos instead of workarounds.

Genshin Impact Yelan Ascension Materials

Her Ascension Talent 4 will also provide buffs to Klee’s output, as well as team repositioning and mini-grouping via her Hold E Skill. These damage buffs and dynamic movement are much appreciated, especially as the fixed core of Klee-Xingqiu-Yelan leaves a lot needed from the 4th teammate.

10. Rosaria

Played with a wide variety of teammate variations, Rosaria is a very strong Sub DPS option due to her ability to Melt every hit of every attack she does. Her recommended ER% when played as the only Cryo is 150%, and as long as that is met she also has a strong amount of weapon variety to choose from. Favonius Lance can further decrease the requirement to below 140%, or Dragon’s Bane can be utilised perfectly by her especially if attack boosts are provided via Bennett’s Burst. Lastly, Deathmatch can also be used perfectly due to both high damage and her Crit Rate sharing talent, Shadow Samaritan, which synergises perfectly with the incoming Klee.

Genshin Impact Rosaria 3

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