Tighnari is a 5 star Dendro Bow user whose use of the Catalyze reaction allows him to unleash a quick flurry of damage with his Burst and Charged Attacks while simultaneously boosting his teammates’ damage. Being the first Dendro DPS character in the game, Tighnari is often underestimated.

Here are the top 10 best teammates for Tighnari in Genshin Impact 2023.

1. Fischl

Tighnari’s best teammate by far is Fischl for a number of reasons. Her low field time and high damage further boosted by Aggravate are already valuable; her cooldowns and uptime lining up perfectly with Tighnari only serve to further bolster this synergy.

Fischl Genshin

Furthermore, her high Energy generation not only greatly helps Tighnari, but also can help battery teammates. All this allows Tighnari and Fischl to serve as a 2-member high-damage core, with solid flexibility in teammates.

2. Yae Miko

Yae, in most teams, suffers from two main problems that limit her: her high 90-Energy-Cost Burst, and her high field time for an off-field DPS. It is recommended to run Yae Miko with an Electro battery in a Double Electro composition.

Yae Miko In Sumeru
Yae Miko

In Tighnari teams, she is generally set free of these limitations thanks to Fischl or Kuki’s particle generation alongside Tighnari’s very low field time for an on-field DPS. This allows her to make the most of her turrets and Burst and contribute significant amounts of damage.

Additionally, Quicken (or more specifically the subsequent Aggravate) and her A4 Talent allow her to double-dip in EM. Note that even now, building ATK% is about equal or slightly better than building EM.

3. Nahida

Nahida’s strong AoE personal damage, potent Elemental Mastery buff, short cooldowns and flexible Energy generation work perfectly with Tighnari, allowing her to serve as a strong option on his teams. While it is generally recommended to build her for damage, she can also potentially help with a team’s survivability using Prototype Amber. However, she is a highly contested unit for most Dendro teams, and Tighnari can use many other units to good effect in her slot.

Nahida Constellation

4. Zhongli

While Tighnari does not need shielding, it is nonetheless appreciated; Zhongli’s strong shield is often more than sufficient defensive utility whilst simultaneously protecting against stagger. He also can simultaneously reduce both Electro and Dendro Resistance with his shield, allowing him to serve as a comfortable and worthy option on Tighnari teams.

Zhongli Is An Ideal Choice In Update 3 0

5. Kuki Shinobu

While Shinobu’s personal damage, range and rate of Electro application are poor compared to Fischl, her unique ability to provide healing combined with her good Energy generation frees up many team building restrictions—especially useful if Fischl is needed on the other side. She can also be used in conjunction with Fischl to great effect.

Kuki Shinobu Banner Release Date 2 7
Kuki Shinobu

Kuki can hold 4 Tenacity of the Millelith if another viable holder of 4 DW is present.

6. Lisa

While often overlooked, Lisa’s A4 Defense shred combined with either her personal damage or further buffing capability with Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers or Hakushin allow her to function as a potentially strong teammate. It is recommended to run Lisa with an Electro battery in a Double Electro composition.

Lisa Has Lots Of Fans

Moreover, Tighnari’s low field time requirement affords her room to use her Hold Skill for Energy and additional damage, making her much more self sufficient. Her EM Ascension also finally finds solid use here, strengthening her Aggravate procs.

7. Kazuha

Anemo units’ ability to effectively use 4pc Viridescent Venerer to give a potent increase to the damage of the Electro Units allows them to fit in well on Tighnari’s teams. Kazuha further focuses on this aspect, leveraging his strong A4 buff, grouping, and incredible personal damage with Aggravated Electro Swirls making him a worthy option.

Build Kazuha

8. Bennett

Tighnari does not work well with most Pyro units due to their tendency to disrupt Quicken. Bennett is a notable exception—his controlled Pyro application allows the Electro unit to quickly remove whatever Pyro he applies, and his huge Attack buff and strong healing make him as powerful here as he is in most teams. Fischl can even snapshot multiple Oz casts onto a single one of Bennett’s Bursts, thanks in part to Tighnari’s short field time requirement.


His biggest downside of having to play within his field is even mitigated here by virtue of Tighnari’s range, making him a very solid choice. However, he cannot be used with Anemo units that can absorb Pyro into their abilities from his field.

9. Sucrose

Sucrose’s EM share serves as a powerful damage increase for both Tighnari and the Electro unit by boosting the strength of Catalyze reactions they trigger, and she possesses avenues for additional utility with weapon choices such as TTDS, Hakushin Ring, or Prototype Amber. Her personal damage is also significant if able to consistently use her Burst; however, her long cooldowns can somewhat hamstring her own damage compared to Kazuha.


10. Venti

Venti’s potent personal damage with Aggravate further bolstered by his unmatched grouping make him an unrivaled choice in AoE content where his suction is effective.

Venti Genshin

However, AoE content also tends to be Tighnari’s worst matchup, and outside of these situations Venti is generally subpar compared to other flexes—nonetheless, he can still remain useful between providing VV, Energy refund and good damage.

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