Raiden is a powerful character with the capability to go with quite a few supports. While not as widely able to slot into other existing teams as the two archons preceding her, Zhongli and Venti, she offers the potential to build a full team around her.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 10 best characters for Raiden Shogun teams in Genshin Impact 2023.

1. Bennett

Role(s): Healer/Buffer

Bennett is one of Raiden’s most valuable teammates. Being able to condense healing and a huge Attack buff in one slot is already phenomenal, however he is also capable of bolstering other teammates’ damage by enabling some Anemo units to trigger Overloads, as well as benefiting other units who can snapshot or front load their damage during their limited field time. If Bennett is available, he should always be your first choice for Raiden’s team.


2. Xiangling

Role(s): Damage

Xiangling is recommended to be run alongside Bennett, since she can snapshot to fully benefit from his ATK buff and because even with Raiden she will face Energy issues as solo Pyro. Her Pyro application can make consistent Electro VV challenging in most teams, as Raiden will struggle to keep up Electro aura without additional off-field application. Intentionally absorbing Kazuha’s Burst with Electro can avoid this issue, or Xiangling can be used in place of a VV unit. Despite these limitations, Xiangling’s personal damage is significant enough to justify her placement with Raiden in many teams.

3. Xingqiu

Role(s): Damage/Enabler

Xingqiu stands to provide a significant amount of value for Raiden teams. Firstly, his personal damage is very significant, further bolstered by Raiden’s Burst Damage Bonus and teamwide batterying as well as potential VV. Furthermore, due to his significant off-field Hydro application, he can consistently enable Electro-Charged even with other elements being applied, thus allowing for Hydro and Electro auras to persist simultaneously.

Thus, he can allow Pyro units like Xiangling or Anemo units like Kazuha or Sunfire Jean to Vaporize and Overload against enemies consistently, bolstering team damage. While his contribution is significant, his Hydro application being single-target lowers his value in AoE, and he is a highly contested unit that Raiden does not require in order to function. Additionally, his 21s Skill cooldown can slightly increase rotation lengths. However, when available, he is undoubtedly worth considering.


4. Yelan

Role(s): Damage/Enabler

While Xingqiu and Yelan tend to perform similar roles in Raiden teams, there are a few nuances to note between using them. Yelan can provide more personal damage while contributing her ramping A4 buff, as well as possessing shorter cooldowns which can allow for tighter rotations in some teams... That said, Xingqiu’s extra 3 seconds of Burst duration, higher Hydro application and added defensive utility are all important and situationally crucial – particularly in the case of when used alongside Xiangling. However, both units will tend to perform similarly – and can be especially potent when used together, albeit highly limited to single target damage.

5. Kazuha

Role(s): Buffer/Damage

Kazuha is the premier anemo buffer for Raiden teams, and it is easy to see why- his DMG% buff boosts Raiden and other damage dealers, he contributes significant personal damage himself, especially when enabled to trigger Electro-Charges and Overloads, and his grouping is valuable to Raiden in AoE.

Kazuha Always Feels Safe With This Sword

6. Jean

Role(s): Healer/Damage

Jean has significant utility for Raiden – alone, she has reasonable personal damage, healing, and VV all in one slot, compressing the roles a Raiden team needs. Further, her C2 buff can be valuable to execute better combos on Raiden. Her damage contribution sees a dramatic increase when paired with Bennett – their self-elemental application allows for consistent Pyro swirls, giving Jean high personal damage and the ability to control chain reactions. In such a case, she shifts towards preferring to build EM.

7. Nahida

Role(s): Off-field DPS/Enabler/Buffer/On-Field Driver

Nahida’s unique AoE mechanics, good personal damage, strong EM buff and high Dendro application all cement her as a very potent option on all styles of Raiden teams looking to use Dendro reactions. She is mostly used in an off-field capacity for an on-field Raiden; however, the archons can choose to switch roles in some Hyperbloom teams where Nahida can provide on-field Dendro applications to produce Dendro cores for Raiden to react off of. It is worth noting that while she is very strong, Nahida further increases some of Raiden’s struggles with handling wave-based content.

Genshin Impact Nahida

8. Yae Miko

Role(s): Damage

Yae possesses high off-field damage and a powerful Elemental Burst, whose ER needs are made manageable by pairing her with Raiden. Thus, she can achieve a high damage profile, with Raiden/Yae teams being able to compete with other maximum potential Raiden teams. Due to providing a source of consistent damage, Yae allows Raiden teams to deal significantly better with multi-wave content, while their combined Burst damage allows them to still deal well with limited DPS windows.

Baal And Yae Miko
Yae is Raiden's best friend

9. Fischl

Role(s): Damage

While she lacks Yae’s immense Burst damage, Fischl also provides significant off-field damage through Oz. Her role is simple, but nonetheless quite effective—though it is worth noting that her damage is constrained significantly to Single Target.

10. Kujou Sara

Role(s): Buffer

The Shogun’s right-hand woman, and her premiere buffing option. Pre C6, in terms of raw buffing potential, she faces stiff competition from TTDS Lisa and Mona, who are cheaper to build and typically better single unit buffers. Sara can pull ahead of her competitors if using Elegy, and at C6, Sara’s buffing power is entirely unmatched and she becomes a prime pick for Raiden. Sara is also able to buff multiple units using her Skill, C2, and Burst, which can be an added advantage when paired with secondary damage dealers such as Yae, Fischl, or Xiangling.

Kujou Sara Genshin Impact 7
Kujou Sara

Furthermore, Sara’s Burst damage can be relevant on Raiden teams due to being able to benefit from many of the buffs being directed to Raiden. As such, while Raiden can work without her, they have excellent synergy together that is always worth consideration. Since Sara’s buff uptime is limited, it can be a small optimization to switch your Raiden combo to 2x N3C + N1C + N3C to buff an extra CA; however, simply doing your normal preferred combo is still perfectly fine.

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