Wanderer is the new Anemo catalyst DPS introduced in Genshin Impact 3.3. Due to Wanderer’s high field time requirements and the nature of his kit, Wanderer’s teammates are typically going to aim at increasing his personal damage (especially if he is highly invested).

When choosing defensive units, Wanderer generally prefers a shielder over a healer for the Interruption Resistance shields provide, as he can easily be knocked down while mid-air. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 10 best teammates for Wanderer in Genshin Impact.

1. Faruzan

Faruzan is a highly valuable support in Wanderer teams, as her kit is uniquely crafted to support him. She provides Anemo DMG%, Shreds Anemo RES, and provides some grouping.

Faruzan Has Great Debuff Ability
Faruzan is the best support for Wanderer and Xiao

She scales very well with Constellations, which improves her buffing and eases her build requirements. One of her biggest drawbacks is her high ER requirement, which is eased with her C4. Her C6 provides 40% CRIT DMG for Wanderer and allows an increased number of her Skill procs, improving particle generation and further helping with ER. Additionally, Faruzan can buff the team with 4pc Noblesse Oblige or 4pc Viridescent Venerer RES Shred.

2. Bennett

Bennett is easily one of Wanderer’s best teammates, as he provides both healing and buffing. Furthermore, in addition to his Burst providing a huge ATK buff, Bennett also gives Wanderer a 30% ATK boost with an easily obtained Pyro contact on Wanderer’s Skill. He can also hold Noblesse Oblige, adding to the ATK buffs he provides.

Bennett lives up to his name as the universal support character.

3. Yun Jin

Great for Wanderer’s NA-focused playstyle, providing a flat base damage buff to each NA. At C6, Yun Jin also provides Wanderer with a Normal ATK SPD buff, which is greatly appreciated.

She does not trigger Wanderer's passive, however. With 1 of his slot occupied by Faruzan, players will lose the benefit from 1 swirl passive if they choose to use Yun Jin.

4. Yelan / Xingqiu

High off-field personal damage, though largely single-target. Xingqiu also provides Interruption Resistance, which Wanderer appreciates greatly. Yelan's passive contributes more to Wanderer's personal damage, however.

Yelan Xingqiu
The two premier Hydro support in Genshin.

5. Xiangling

Her Pyronado stays on the ground even when Wanderer is mid-air, allowing her to deal significant personal damage. Usually paired with Bennett, providing Wanderer with Pyro Resonance.

6. Fischl

Strong damage, increased by Wanderer being able to trigger her A4 and C6. She can also help battery Energy-hungry teammates. A great budget option for Wanderer.

Genshin Impact Fischl 2
Fischl's high off-field damage would bolster the overall DPS of your rotation.

Players probably already have Fischl ready from one of their other teams.

7. Beidou / Yae

Energy-hungry off-field Electro units that provide significant damage in AoE and single-target situations respectively. Beidou’s shield is additionally appreciated for its Interruption Resistance.

8. Ganyu / Rosaria

Ganyu and Rosaria have decent off-field damage through Bursts. Rosaria can provide CRIT Rate% for the party.

9. Venti / Kazuha / Jean

Venti and Kazuha may be played as off-field damage dealers with their high Talent multipliers. Their crowd control capabilities may also help Wanderer’s Normal/Charged Attacks hit multiple enemies.

Kazuha Always Feels Safe With This Sword
As Wanderer's damage is mostly single target, a character with grouping skill would be useful.

Jean provides healing and can be used with Bennett to self-Swirl Pyro (referred to as ‘Sunfire’). Generally unimpressive at C0, but her C2 provides an ATK SPD buff and her C4 shreds Anemo RES.

10. Zhongli / Thoma / Layla / Diona

Zhongli is the strongest shielder in the game, with a universal RES shred; can also hold Tenacity of the Millelith.

Zhongli Genshin
When it comes to flex slots for Wanderer, Zhongli is probably one of the best options, as Wanderer needs a shield.

Thoma is the second strongest shield when stacked with NAs, though it’s tied to his high-cost Burst. He can also provide a 30% ATK buff through Pyro contact on Wanderer’s Skill, and Thoma’s C6 buffs Normal and Charged Attacks as well.

Layla is a strong shielder that can hold Tenacity of the Millelith and further buff Wanderer at C4. Diona provides a weaker shield in exchange for healing; she can also hold Noblesse Oblige.

Team examples

Hypercarry Wanderer Wanderer — Faruzan — Bennett — Flex Flex characters may be another buffer like Yun Jin or an off-field damage dealer like Xiangling.
Double Anemo Double Hydro Wanderer — Faruzan — Xingqiu — Yelan Running both Xingqiu and Yelan might be a bit overkill - players might want to put them in other lineups.
Double Anemo Double Cryo Wanderer — Faruzan — Rosaria — Layla Rosaria's buff and Cryo Resonance allow Wanderer to Crit more.
Double Anemo Double Geo Wanderer — Faruzan — Yun Jin — Zhongli Yun Jin & Zhongli's boost give Wanderer enough bonuses to make up for the loss of his swirl passive bonus.
Double Anemo Double Pyro Wanderer — Faruzan — Bennett — Xiangling Bennett and Xiangling add a great amount of damage to the lineup with Pyro resonance, Wanderer's swirl passive and Xiangling's high off-field damage.

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