Like Yoimiya and Hu Tao, Genshin Impact Wanderer should also be used when the Elemental Skill is active. His damage may turn out mediocre without it and his Charged and Normal Attack’s damage is also enhanced by this skill.

Beside his Elemental Skill system, there are other notices when it comes to using Wander properly. Here are some mistakes when using Wanderer in Genshin Impact you should not overlook.

Forget to level up his Normal Attack

Scaramouche may need his elemental skill to perform well in combat. But don’t forget that his basic ATK damage scales with both Normal Attack and Elemental Skill.

As the Skill boosts the original damage offered by his Normal Attack, both Elemental Skill and Normal Attack should be equally leveled.

mistakes when using wanderer
His Elemental Skill and Normal Attack should be equally leveled up.

Although his Burst has the lowest priority, you can still level it up after Normal Attack and Elemental talents. On another hand, you can ignore his Skill and Normal Attack talents if you use Scaramouche as a Burst DPS.

Not learning how Kuugoryoku Points work

When Wanderer uses his Elemental Skill, the character will enter his Windfavored state. Scaramouche will be on the air for a maximum of 10 seconds, and his Normal Attack damage is also enhanced.

He will have a new stamina bar called Kuugoryoku Points when he is flying. It will reduce quicker when you sprint or use the jump button. The character will be back to the normal state once the Kuugoryoku Points run out.

To maximize its duration, you should only use the jump and sprint button when it is necessary. You can also ensure your Scaramouche causes a Hydro Swirl when he launches his Elemental Skill to boost the Kuugoryoku Points by 20.

Also do remember that in the Windfavored State, his Charged Attack won’t consume any Kuugoryoku Points.

Wanderer Hovering Points
Mistakes when using Wanderer: not paying enough attention to his hovering points.

Not knowing his self buff passive

This Anemo unit has a fun Ascension passive that offers him a buff depending on which element reacts with his Elemental Skill. Wanderer can trigger 2 buffs of these 4:

  • Electro: When Normal and Charged Attacks hit an enemy, 0.8 Energy will be restored. Max once every 0.2s
  • Cryo: Crit Rate increases by 20%
  • Hydro: Kuugoryoku Point cap boosts by 20
  • Pyro: ATK increases by 30%

Thanks to this buff Bennett and Scaramouche can become a favorite duo in Genshin Impact. Cryo buff also lets Scaramouche play in a Freeze team without any Crit Rate stat. Meanwhile, Hydro lengthens his Skill’s duration and Electro makes sure his Energy has easy restoration.

If you can unlock his 4th Constellation, he will trigger up to 3 buffs at the same time.

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Wrongly using his Elemental Burst

When Wanderer uses his Burst, the unit will deal 5 Anemo DMG instances successively. Wheat you must take note is do not use his Burst when his Elemental Skill is active. The ultimate would end the Windfavored state immediately and this is not good in most cases.

If you have him on 2nd Constellation, you should cast Wanderer’s burst when the Kuugoryoku Points nearly gets to zero. This can enhance his Burst DMB by 200% maximum.

Wanderer Burst
Do not use Scaramouche's Burst when his Elemental Skill is active.

Underestimating his flat DMG Buff

One of the mistakes when playing Wanderer is beinn unaware that flat damage buff works well on him.

If you create a roster that has flat DMG buffers like Yun Jin, you should further add characters who offer Normal Attack DMG buffs such as Candace and Thoma. Then, Wanderer will be able to deal great damage from his Normal Attack hits.

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