Genshin Impact Windtrace 3.3 event features a useful function of map selection. Besides, there are many new maps for hide and seek. Check out how to choose a specific map to play and the best tips to play in this update.

I. Specific Map Selection

There are 12 Windtrace maps for hide and seek in Genshin Impact 3.3. This rerun event features many new locations in The Chasm and Sumeru besides old Windtrace zones in Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma. Therefore, Genshin Impact features a map selection function for players to choose specific maps to play.

Game Preview
Check the Game Preview to select the map you want to play.

Follow these steps to select the specific zones to play hide and seek in Windtrace 3.3.

  • Go to Mondstadt city and meet Gygax.
  • Talk to this NPC and select the first dialogue option of "Play Windtrace".
  • In the event lobby, click on the Game Preview button at the top of the lobby.
  • Click on the "Change map" button at the right bottom corner of your screen/desktop.
  • Select the map you don't want to play by tapping/clicking on that location. The map with a green tick is chosen, and the map with a red cross is removed from your random option.
  • Click on the Save button to save your choice.

Understanding some specific maps and knowing some places to hide and seek can help you win the game with ease. Therefore, this function is very useful.

Select The Specific Maps
Select the specific maps to play and win as a hunter or rebel.

II. Windtrace 3.3 Maps

There are seven new Windtrace zones in update 3.3 in Inazuma, The Chasm, and Sumeru. Each zone has two to three featured disguises.

New Zones Locations Disguises 
Beneath the Stone Main Mining Area of the Chasm Wooden barrels and crates
Deeper Tides Suigetsu Pool in Inazuma Stone and dead tree
The Pearl of Sango Sangonomiya Shrine in Inazuma Coral thicket and stone lantern
Rustic Shadows Konda Village in Inazuma Wooden basin, stool, and vase
Water-Runners Vimara Village in Sumeru Archaic basket, street lamp, and wooden crate
Sacrosanct Dominion Vissudha Field in Sumeru Wooden barrel and crate
Gold Beyond the Grains Chatrakam Cave in Sumeru Large tank, wooden crate, and barrel
Windtrace 3 3 Features 7 New Zones
The Windtrace event 3.3 features 7 new zones.

Besides, there are five old locations in previous Windtrace events with old disguises that veterans are familiar with. Beginners may want to know those old zones as well as some tips to play.

New Zones Locations Disguises
Terrace Patrol Qingce Village in Liyue Scarecrow, wooden box, and crock pot
Small Town Guerrilla War Springvale in Mondstadt Hay roll and wooden crate
Winery Confrontation Dawn Winery in Mondstadt Chair, wine keg, and street light
Drifters in the Terrace Depths Qingce Village in Liyue Dead tree and red and blue scarecrows
In A City of Yore Concealed Sea of Clouds in Liyue Wooden box, barrel, and stone lamp

Rebels should choose proper disguises and master some hidden corners. When the hunters approach, use the transparent skill and move to the other side of the map. Hunters have to obtain Favors to mark rebels.

Play Hide And Seek
Play hide and seek to get tons of Primogems and valuable rewards.

III. Best Hunting Tips

In a Windtrace game, a hunter has to find out three rebels. Therefore, it's harder for them to win the game alone. But the following tips can help Windtrace hunters play better and capture more rebels in this event.

  • Select and master a specific map, and understand all hidden corners to check.
  • Choose a tall and mobile character to run fast and catch rebels, such as Kaeya.
  • Scout and navigate wisely, and start from the border of the playing zone.
  • Focus on specific disguises of each map.
  • Must obtain Favors to locate remaining rebels.
  • Choose the right Windward art to use.

These useful tips may help hunters win the game though they don't have teammates.

Start From The Border
Start from the border of the playing zone.

IV. Best Tips For Rebels

Rebels also have some useful tips to escape from the hunter and try to survive till the end of the Windtrace game.

  • Choose the right character to dash and hide, such as Diona, Sayu, Qiqi, and Nahida to hide under the floor of Kamisato Estate.
  • Relocated wisely and evade the hunter when they are checking nearby areas.
  • Obtain the Favor to avoid being located, but you must do it quickly when the hunter is far away and you are covered enough.
  • Help other teammates after being caught by using the special skill of spectators.
  • Try to control the timing skill to avoid skill CD.

These tips for rebels will help you hide successfully and win the game. Otherwise, you can earn more coins to reach the target and earn valuable rewards though you cannot survive till the end.

Choose Small Characters To Hide In Small Corners
Choose small characters to hide in small corners

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