Faruzan is the best Anemo supporter in Genshin Impact now. But you must avoid the following mistakes to make her as strong as you want. Faruzan will be stronger and more useful when you know how to use her properly.

#1. Lack Of Energy Recharge

Faruzan's power depends on her Elemental burst which demands a great number of Energy points. But she cannot fulfill her energy by herself like Raiden Shogun. Moreover, the elemental skill of Faruzan cannot provide enough energy particles for her burst.

Therefore, you need to build the Energy Recharge for Faruzan. It's necessary to use proper artifacts and weapons to boost this state. Besides, her Energy also increases slightly at C4.

Genshin Impact Faruzan Tips
Faruzan needs a great Energy Recharge buff to fill her burst.

#2. Ignore Her Base ATK

The base ATK of Faruzan can contribute to the overall damage of any character in your party. Therefore, it's an important stat to build for this Anemo supporter. She will contribute 32% of her base ATK to the total DMG output.

It's a regretful mistake if you ignore this stat when building Faruzan. It would help if you equipped a 5-star bow with a high ATK stat for her.

Genshin Impact Faruzan Base Atk
Choose the right weapon to boost her base ATK. 

#3. Underestimate Her Pressurized Collapse

Faruzan can create a Pressurized Collapse by releasing the Charged Attack after casting her Elemental Skill. It's a powerful Anemo explosion that provides many benefits for your party, such as:

  • Crowd-controlling ability: it pulls enemies into the center of the wind swirl.
  • Elegy For The End: it triggers this useful effect.
  • Perfidious Wind’s Bale debuff: this effect reduces the Anemo RES of enemies by 30% for 4 seconds.

You should maximize her Constellation will boost the Pressurized Collapse of Faruzan. This effect will be active continuously provided that the on-field character is dealing Anemo DMG to enemies.

Pressurized Collapse
Don't underestimate her Pressurized Collapse.

#4. Miss Buff From Elemental Burst

The elemental burst of Faruzan is the most supportive skill which grants her teammates a great Anemo DMG bonus. But to fully benefit from her elemental burst, you have to stay inside the area of effect (AoE) of Whirlwind Pulse.

Besides, gather enemies inside the AoE of her elemental burst to remove their Anemo RES. Then, you can maximize the damage of the active characters.

Faruzan Genshin
Both your active character and enemies should stay in the AoE of her Elemental Burst.

#5. Stay At Low Constellation

One of the top must-avoid mistakes when using Faruzan is staying at a low constellation. Faruzan is not very powerful and useful at low constellation levels. You should unlock the maximum level to get many crucial buffs, such as Anemo Crit DMG Bonus, Pressurized Collapse damage, etc.

The best artifact set for Faruzan is still unavailable now. Therefore, you need to focus on selecting the right weapon and unlocking high constellation levels for her.

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