Geo Rifthounds are the most annoying normal bosses in Genshin Impact, especially the Geo Rifthound enemies in Spiral Abyss Floor 12. Here are the best tips to clear them quickly without losing too much HP.

#1. Force Them To Enter Devour State

Geo Rifthounds will be less resistant to Geo elemental attacks when they enter the Devour State. In this state, these enemies will be more aggressive and less immune to Geo attacks. Then, you can defeat them more easily.

To force them to enter this state, you continuously hit them with elemental attacks. You can track the gauge over the head of the enemy. When the gauge ring is full, they enter the Devour State. Use your shield to protect your characters and release the most powerful elemental skills, bursts, and reactions to kill them.

Geo Rifthounds Are Annoying
Geo Rifthounds are annoying.

#2. Use Freeze Teams

Freeze teams are very useful and effective in countering Geo Rifthounds in Genshin Impact. However, you shouldn’t make them enter the Devourer state or they will be more aggressive and rapid. It’s harder for your team to freeze these enemies when they move much and rapidly.

Moreover, the Freeze reactions also protect your characters from corrosive attacks of Geo Rifthounds. The corrosive effect is very dangerous, especially in the Spiral Abyss challenge when players cannot heal characters by consuming recovery food and drinks.

Use Freeze Teams To Counter
Use freeze teams to counter them.

#3. Use Crowd Control Skills

Geo Rifthound enemies are more dangerous because they go in groups. Therefore, you should have an Anemo character with great crowd control ability, such as Kazuha, Sucrose, and Venti. Then, group them together and focus elemental skills, bursts, and reactions on one spot.

Crowd Control skill is very essential in Spiral Abyss because you often counter groups of enemies. It’s time-wasting and energy-wasting when attacking and defeating one after one target. Sometimes, you may run out of HP before you can clear all of them.

Use Crowd Control Skills
Use crowd control skills.

#4. Have A Healer

Geo Rifthounds' bites are poisonous and painful. It causes corrosive effects to your characters that corrode your HP. Therefore, you need a good healer in your party to save your life because players are not allowed to consume food and drinks for health recovery and revising characters in Spiral Abyss.

There are some good life-saving healers that you should use in your teams, such as Bennett, Barbara, Kokomi, Jean, Kuki Shinobu, and Diona. Select a proper one based on your team build to trigger powerful and useful elemental reactions.

Genshin Impact Healers
Always has a healer in your team.

#5. Prioritize AoE Abilities

As enemies in Spiral Abyss Floor 12 come in waves with increasing power, you need to clear the first waves quickly with large AoE attacks. Then, you can save your time, energy, and HP to clear the whole floor. There are some characters with large AoE skills, such as Ayaka, Ayato, Xiao, etc. who can play the main DPS role.

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