Wolflord, Geo Rifthounds, and Fatui are not big bosses, but they are very annoying and difficult to defeat. They make Spiral Abyss Floor 12 extremely hard to clear. Check out the best team to defeat these difficult bosses.

#1. Wanderer Team

The new Anemo DPS Wanderer is flexible and useful for Spiral Abyss challenges. You can use this character to quickly clear annoying enemies, such as Wolflord, Geo Rifthounds & Fatui. This character is more powerful when he teams up with the right characters, including:

  • Faruzan
  • Bennett
  • Zhongli/Yelan

This team has the best characters of each role and elemental line. Faruzan is the best Anemo supporter and battery in the game now. Bennett is the best healer and ATK buffer for any team. You can choose Yelan for the last position in the first half and Zhongli for the second half.

Wanderer Team
Wanderer team

#2. Mono Geo Team

Arataki Itto is available to roll in the current rerun banner. You can build a strong Geo team with this character and other top DPS and supporters of the Geo family to make a strong Spiral Abyss team.

  • Itto is the main on-field DPS.
  • Albedo plays as the sub-DPS on the field.
  • Gorou provides a DEF buff for the whole team.
  • Zhongli removes the RES of the enemy and provides a solid shield.

If you cannot get all these Geo characters, you can swap Zhongli and Albedo with other characters, such as Bennett and Noelle. Noelle can also provide a decent shield for the team.

Geo Mono Team
Geo Mono Team

#3. Tighnari Team

Tighnari and Nahida are the two only 5-star Dendro characters now. After their release, many underestimated characters become stronger and more useful, such as Yae Miko. These three characters can form a strong team and trigger Spread reactions.

But these characters are vulnerable to the attacks of Wolflord, Geo Rifthounds, and Fatui when they stay on the battlefield. Then, you need Zhongli and his shield to keep the whole team safe from these annoying enemies.

Nahida And Tignari
Nahida and Tighnari

#4. Cyno Hyperbloom

The new 5-star Electro DPS Cyno can trigger the super powerful Hyperbloom reaction. But he needs the support of the two best off-line Hydro and Dendro teammates. Nahida and Yelan are the two best choices for these roles.

Kuki Shinobu is the best Electro supporter for Cyno with her great Elemental Mastery status. This 4-star supporter is one of the top must-have characters in Hyperbloom teams. She also helps the main on-field DPS Cyno charge his burst.

Cyno And Nahida
Cyno and Nahida

#5. National Team

The national team of Raiden Shogun is another option for Wolflord, Geo Rifthounds, and Fatui enemies in Spiral Abyss 3.3. Each member has a different role but they always support each other to trigger mind-blowing reactions.

  • Raiden Shogun is the main on-field DPS and battery.
  • Xiangling is the Pyro DPS.
  • Xingqiu can play as the Hydro DPS both on-field and off-field.
  • Bennett is the healer.
Raiden Shoguns National Team
Raiden Shogun's national team

These teams are very useful to counter annoying enemies in Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss 3.3. You can share your own team in the comment.

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