Genius Invokation TCG is a great source of fun and Primogems in Genshin Impact recently. But many players are still struggling with leveling up and completing event missions. Avoid the following mistakes to level up faster and claim all rewards in this exciting event here.

#1. Pick the Wrong Character Cards

The right characters can bring victory more quickly and easily. You may have unlocked a lot of strong character cards. But you should pick the proper members for different desks to take the greatest advantage of powerful elemental reactions. These elemental reactions can be very useful in different ways. For example:

  • Swirl and Electro charge deal AoE damage.
  • Frozen reaction decreases the mobility of enemies.
  • Vaporize reaction multiplies the damage of your attack.

The tip is to check the opponent’s lineup before picking your team members and other supporting cards.

Pick Up Right Characters
Pick up the right characters

#2. Not Prioritize Strong Characters

There are many strong character cards you should prioritize, such as Kamisato Ayaka, Ganyu, Mona, and Diluc. Many players are using their favorite character cards instead of these strong character cards.

This mistake can make them lose the game or waste hours and many invitation letters to win a desk. Besides, you should build a strong team with the most reliable cards to defeat your friends in the PvP mode.

Use Strong Characters
Use strong characters

#3. Pick the Wrong Action Cards In The Deck

Apart from the right character card, you also need to pick proper action cards for your deck. You need to choose 30 action cards to fill your deck. Many players choose these action cards randomly without understanding the effects and skills of these cards.

The right action cards can help heal your character on time, save some dice to quickly switch character cards, or remove the dangerous summoning of the opponent. Besides, food and weapon cards give your character useful DMG buffs to clear the target in one hit.

Select Right Action Cards
Select right action cards

#4. Ignore Weekly Guest Challenges

You should complete Weekly Guest challenges to get EXP to level up in the Genius Invokation event. Then, claim level rewards, including 60 Primogems and a lot of materials per ascension. There are 4 guests to challenge at The Cat's Tail every week.

Genshin Impact players can also unlock more useful cards by completing Weekly Guest challenges and leveling up in this event. If you ignore these challenges, you miss a great source of EXP and many valuable rewards in this event.

Complete Guest Challenge
Complete guest challenges every week

#5. Forget To Do Ascension Battles

Like the level-up regulation in the normal game of Genshin Impact, players also have to complete ascension matches to unlock higher levels. You need to enter The Cat's Tail and meet the NPC cat named Prince to check your level as well as do the ascension match. Don't forget to check out the opponent's desk and pick up the best cards to use.

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