A pro player in Genshin Impact shared an amazing tip to travel across the water in the game quickly and infinitely. You can use this trip to reach afar islands without sailing a boat. This trick is not only interesting but also very useful in some quests or commissions.

Water Traversing Team

A Reddit account Devilmay1233 has amazed a lot of Genshin Impact players with his mind-blowing water traversing performance. He builds a water traversing team to travel across the water area in Teyvat without limit, including four players:

  • Wanderer;
  • Kamisato Ayaka;
  • Qiqi;
  • Kaeya Alberich.
Traverse The Water
Learn how to traverse the water quickly.

This team includes the new character Scaramouche who can float and move in the air. Besides, three other characters can freeze the water surface to stand on it with their elemental skills and bursts. Many players in Genshin Impact can build this team now and test this trick. You can also learn this trick to reach many isolating isles in this game.

Trick To Travel Across The Water

You have to combine special skills of four characters in the water traversing team properly. According to the trick performance, Devilmay1233 switched characters in the following order:

  • Qiqi released her elemental skill before you switch to Wanderer.
  • Wanderer glides over the water for a short time with the ice ball of Qiqi until he runs out of his stamina. The ice ball of Qiqi will freeze the water for Wanderer to stand when he drops into the water.
Switch Characters Properly
Switch characters properly.
  • Then, switch to Kamisato Ayaka and use her special sprinting skill to move underwater quickly. Keep an eye on her stamina and release the alternative sprinting button to let her stand on the solid platform of iced water. A small misstep can make this trick fail.
  • Switch to Qiqi and release her elemental skill again. Then, run on the frozen water until her ice ball disappear.
  • Keep an eye on her elemental skill CD and switch to Kaeya on time to prolong the ice bridge.

Repeat this process until you reach the isolating island. But make sure that you switch characters on time and do not make any misstep. You can learn the trick of Devilmay1233 to reach many afar small islands when you do not have a boat around.

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