A recent survey reveals which most regretted characters in Genshin Impact that players have after pulling. The game is gacha-based and requires its players to spend Intertwined or Acquaint Fates to get their favorite characters and weapons.

While the limited weapon and character banners rotate constantly, the standard banner is permanent. Different from other gacha games, Genshin Impact features a pity system that guarantees that you have a high rarity drop within a specific number of pulls. And talking about rarity, Genshin community has two main groups to talk about: four-star and five-star units.

Although the 5-star characters are extremely hard to get, some of them made their owners “regret” after a while. And Reddit user /riridouluvme shared the results of this survey, asking players to choose the character they regretted pulling for.


Cyno Normal Attack
The new Electro unit Cyno is the most regretted pulling character in Genshin Impact.

Being one of the latest characters to arrive in the game, it is quite surprising to see that Electro vision wielder Cyno is at the top of the most regretted characters in Genshin Impact list.

Cyno is designed to play the role of the main damage dealer for most team comps. Meanwhile, players shared that they called him a “selfish DPS” as he does not offer a lot of benefits when he is off the field. Whenever this character is swapped out, his Elemental Bursts are also cut short, hardly giving the expected elemental reactions.

As per the survey, the main reasons why players disliked Cyno are: his damage output and monotonous gameplay.


Klee was introduced back in Genshin Impact update 1.1 and has since been known as one of the strongest characters despite her petite look. Then why was she chosen as the second regretted character after pulling?

Wallpapersden Com Klee Red Eyes Genshin Impact 384
Surprisingly enough, Klee comes in second.

The main reason is her clunky and rather slow gameplay. However, this quite makes sense as she arrived way back before and HoYoverse may need to give her some updates to get out of this situation.

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Childe, aka Tartaglia, was picked also mostly due to his gameplay. However, ranking high in this list, he is still deemed as an S-tier DPS unit. He is able to flaunt his talents especially when you have unlocked all constellation levels for Childe.

Most Regretted Genshin Characters Riridouluvme
Childe comes third in the list of most regretted characters in Genshin Impact.


The last name on the list is Xiao, which surprised quite many fans upon revelation. It seems that the list contains a high number of characters who are considered the strongest ones in the game.

Xiao Plunging
Xiao's plunging attacks were said to be "boring".

Xiao’s kit focuses on spamming Plunging Attacks whenever the elemental burst is active. But as per some comments in the survey, this feature may get boring after a while although Xiao has a unique gameplay compared to most of the other characters.

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