Genshin Impact Tartaglia is a notorious Fatui Harbinger in Snezhnaya. He is also known as Childe – a friendly Harbinger in Genshin Impact. Here are some new facts about this character.

#1. Childe Is Unpredictable

Childe loves causing chaos. He is also known as the most dangerous weapon of Tsaritsa – the leader of the Fatui force in Snezhnaya. Because no one knows what Childe is really thinking just by judging the smug grin on his face. Moreover, he is more straightforward and spontaneous than other Fatui Harbingers and members. It makes him really unpredictable.

Childe Genshin Impact
Childe loves making chaos.

#2. He Forces Himself To Master Bows

Tartaglia shared that he is not an expert in bow use, but he still forces himself to master this weapon. He is a skilled close-range warrior with a double-bladed polearm. But mastering bow skills will make Childe unbeatable on the battlefield. That’s why he forces himself to become skilled at using bows.

#3. Childe Always Look For the Next Fight

Childe is a chaotic man, so he can’t stand roaming around to find the next fight to engage in. He believes that standing and doing nothing can’t help him find enemies to combat. That’s why he enjoys loitering around and scoping out new enemies and big fights. It seems that Childe does not know how to rest and stay idle.

Genshin Impact Childe
Childe is very aggressive

#4. Zhongli And Childe Were Close Friends

The Geo archon Zhongli and Fatui Harbinger Tartaglia used to be good friends at some point. But Zhongli drove Childe angry when he faked his death. Then, Childe started to get resentful of the Geo archon ever since. Zhongli sometimes still invites Tartaglia out for a drink as if he didn’t realize his friend’s anger.

#5. Childe Wants Attention

While other Fatui members want to hide their evil deeds and themselves in the shadows, Childe tries to get everyone’s attention. This notorious Fatui Harbinger is a black sheep of the Fatui. He never attempts to lurk like the rest but always tries to stand out in the public eye. Only public attention can satisfy him.

Childe Has A Warm Heart
Childe has a warm heart.

#6. He Is A Valuable Ally

Despite his ill-famed Fatui background, Childe is still a reliable companion of the Traveler. Being a villain from Snezhnaya, he nearly destroyed Liyue harbor by summoning a vengeful ancient dragon for fun. But then he stayed there for the Traveler to atone for that evil action. In addition, he is always reliable and helpful to his family and Fatui organization.

#7. Childe Is Loyal To His Lord

Tsaritsa is the lord of the Snezhnaya and Fatui organization. After Skirk saved the little Childe from the Abyss and recruit him, he pledged alliance to the Cryo archon and Snezhnaya. Chidle also became a ruthless weapon in her hand who never denies any duty she assigns.

Moreover, this Fatui Harbinger always admires Tsaritsa and believes she is a kind-hearted woman who steals the gnoses in order to start a new era of peace in Teyvat.

Childe And Zhongli Are Friends
Childe and Zhongli are friends

#8. Tartaglia Is Good At Cooking

Genshin Impact Tartaglia surprises a lot of players with his cooking skill. He loves cooking delicious meals for his beloved people. The Cottage Kitchen is also his signature furnishing set in Serenitea Pot. When you invite him to your Cottage Kitchen, he will tell you some interesting things about culinary.

Though Childe admits to being a bad guy to some extent, it’s undeniable that he has a warm heart, especially with his family. He took care of his younger brother Teucer very carefully and always protects the young boy from bad things.

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