We are approaching the introduction of Genshin Impact 3.4. Besides the release of Genshin best husbando Al Haitham and the cutie pie Yaoyao, what comes with this version is the long-awaited Lantern Rite festival. For those who have not known, an internal leak has surfaced and included four images of the most talked-about characters in the game as of now.

Genshin Impact players are witness the disclosure of more and more characters, and if these leaks do be true, we are seeing Madame Ping in her young days, the real identity of Guizhong and Cloud Retainer's true form.

What is it about these leaks that make fans so hyped?

Madame Ping
What is it about Madame Ping young look that fans are so excited about?

Madame Ping young & Guizhong's revelation

The leak was revealed by Niana and made public by user PM_ME_YOUR_ROBOTGIRL on the Genshin Impact wiki.

Madame Ping is one of the Genshin Impact characters with the most supreme power. Although she is now elderly, many Genshin Impact memes have imagined how she would turn out if made playable.

But all jokes aside, the recent leaks showed Madame Ping in her adolescent days. According to fans, Madame Ping is on the right while the left one is indeed Guizhong - Zhongli's rumored love interest long ago.

Guizhong Madame Ping Young
Guizhong and Madame Ping in a leak source.

Many have commented on how pretty and cool Madame Ping was in her old days. Some joked that time is indeed the enemy of beauty. However, it is notable that Madame Ping was an adeptus since over 3,700 years ago, so she can take any form to her preference.

On another hand, Guizhong looks a little different from what most players have always imagined. The Goddess of Dust radiates a more "puppy" and energetic aura compared to many fan-arts of her before.

Cloud Retainer true form?

Besides Madame Ping young image, the leaks also revealed what seems to be one of the encounters between Cloud Retainer, Morax (Zhongli), and Guizhong. Cloud Retainer's human form also makes fans higher than a kite as she looked just as cool as what we have always expected.

Guizhong Cloud Retainer Zhongli
Cloud Retainer and the Guizhong - Morax couple in the background.

Every image in the leak, consisting of a still of Shenhe and Cloud Retainer, along with a glimpse of Sumeru cutscenes, are being shared widely on Twitter and Genshin Impact subreddits.

Will Guizhong and Cloud Retainer be playable?

Madame Ping is an important character but it is impossible to make her playable now. About Guizhong, lores implied that she passed away a long time ago which still left Morax deeply hurt, so the chance is also zero.

Shenhe And Cloud Retainer In Genshin Impact
Shenhe and Cloud Retainer.

About Cloud Retainer, although she has a connection with Zhongli and bears an important role in Genshin Impact, the chance for her to become playable in the future is quite slim. With that being said, though previous leaks stated that she may someday enter our team comp, the developers have yet to have any confirmation.

That's why we would have to wait for more information to see if this rumor will come true.

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