Apart from gorgeous females, Genshin Impact has many handsome characters. Check out the top 10 Husbando characters in this game based on players’ picks and evidence from the game story.

#10. Wanderer/Scaramouche

Wanderer is described to have a “beautiful face” in the character story. Besides, the artifact stories of Pale Flame and Husk of Opulent Dreams also mention Wanderer. According to those stories, Wanderer has a face that is “fairer than any other”. That's why he is one of the most handsome characters in Genshin Impact.


#9. Xingqiu

Though Xingqiu is still young, he deserves a position in the list of top handsome Genshin characters. In the recent Irodori festive event, Shimura Kanbei called Xingqiu “a handsome young fellow”. The young Manager of the Feiyun Commerce Guild is not only good-looking but also talented and wealthy.

Xingqiu Genshin

#8. Venti

Venti is the human mortal vessel of the Anemo Archon Barbatos. A lot of players are confused about this gender due to his outstanding appearance. Venti has a chivalrous and graceful look of a musician and a poet. But Venti is also an alcoholic who loves wine and pubs.

#7. Kaeya

The adopted son of the Ragnvindr family is a handsome male character in Genshin Impact. He is honored as the "top candidate for grandson-in-law" in Mondstadt because he is not only excellent but also very handsome. Moreover, Kaeya is also a famous Captain in this nation who is intelligent and brave.

Kaeya Venti And Diluc
Kaeya, Venti and Diluc

#6. Xiao

Though Xiao has a limited height, he is confirmed to be a handsome character many times. The little NPC Luo described Xiao as a handsome Adeptus after he rescued the little girl. Perhaps he would get a higher position on this list if Xiao were taller.

Genshin Impact Xiao

#5. Child & Thoma

Childe and Thoma share the fourth position on the list of top Genshin Impact Husbandos because their models are pretty similar. They only have different outfits. A female NPC described Childe as a handsome foreigner who looks like a prince staying in a nearby hotel. Thoma is also very good-looking. When Childe and Thoma appear together, you may think that they are twins.

Childe And Thoma
Childe and Thoma

#4. Diluc

Hoyoverse introduced that Diluc was the wealthiest gentleman in Mondstadt. The female NPC Donna working at Floral Whisper crushes on Diluc. Captain Jean also has a good impression of this handsome bartender though they have different action guidelines.

#3. Ayato

The Chairman of the Yashiro Commission Ayato is also one of the top handsome characters in Genshin Impact. A lot of Genshin players, especially Genshin girls have spent tons of Primogems on his banner because of his good appearance.

Ayato And Zhongli
Ayato and Zhongli

#2. Zhongli

The human version of Geo archon Morax, Zhongli, is handsome, elegant, and erudite. The mature and manly look of this male character made many girls fall for him.

#1. Alhaitham

The upcoming male character Alhaitham will be released in the first half of the next update. His handsome face and manly body leave a good impression on many players. A lot of players have skipped current banners and saved Primogems for this new character.

Genshin Impact Alhaitham

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