A wide range of Genshin Impact players participated in a funny survey and picked up the most regret-pulling and worth-pulling characters. Check out which banners are the least and most desired banners in this game.

I. Top Regret-Pulling Characters

A Reddit user conducted a survey and collect Genshin Impact players' opinions about the characters they regretted pulling.

Regret Pulling Characters
The most regret-pulling characters

#1. Cyno

The most regret-pulling character in Genshin Impact is Cyno. It may surprise many players because Cyno is a new character who is estimated to be an on-field Electro DPS. The biggest reason for players to regret spending Primogems on Cyno's banner is due to his kit/damage. Many players are also dissatisfied with his gameplay.

Genshin Impact Cyno
The kit of Cyno is hard to play.

#2. Klee

It's understandable when Klee is one of the most regret-pulling characters. Her gameplay is pretty hard for most players, especially beginners. Moreover, her gameplay is hard to combine with other characters in this game. The meta of Genshin Impact has changed a lot after the release of Dendro element and archon, Klee is less used.

Klee Is Hard To Play
Klee is hard to play.

#3. Childe

Childe is an on-field melee character, but he has Hydro Vision. Hydro characters often take the sub-DPS and supporting roles. They are often in charge of marking enemies with Hydro and supporting Cryo, Electro, and Dendro characters. Therefore, off-field Hydro characters are preferred. That's why Childe is not a worth-pulling character.

Childe Is One Of The Least Used Characters
Childe is one of the least-used characters.

Besides, a lot of players also regretted pulling Xiao, Ganyu, and Eula because of their gameplay. These characters are less and less used, especially after the game meta changes.

II. Top Worth-Pulling Characters

On contrary, many Genshin Impact characters are highly desired. Here are the most worth-pulling characters that you won't regret pulling.

#1. Kazuha

Kaedehara Kazuha is often the most worth-pulling character in Genshin Impact due to his greatest crowd-control skill. He is the most popularly used in Spiral Abyss. Moreover, Kazuha can take many roles, from supporter to DPS based on your team build and gameplay.

Kazuha Is The Most Used
Kazuha is the most-used character in Spiral Abyss.

#2. Zhongli

Zhongli is the second most worth-pulling character. The Geo archon is more popular because of his kit buff. Obviously, this character is more useful when Nahida, Yae Miko, and other characters stay on the field to trigger elemental reactions and deal DMG to enemies. You need a strong shield to keep them safe.

Zhongli Genshin Impact
You need Zhongli to stay safe on the battlefield.

#3. Kokomi

Sangonomiya Kokomi is the best Hydro character in Genshin Impact now. She is a must-have character in the new meta after update 3.0. Her kit is more useful after Nahida is released. Therefore, many players regret not pulling her in previous banners.

Kokomi Genshin Impact
Kokomi is more desired in the new meta of the game.

Moreover, a lot of players also picked Nahida, Ei, Yelan, Ganyu, Ayaka, and Hu Tao as the top worth-pulling characters in this game. According to another list, Ei is the most popular character in this game.

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