Many Genshin Impact characters have been preferred because they are more consistent with the current meta of the game. But they had been underrated at their release. Check out who they are.

Yea And Kokomi
They are better now.

#1. Kaedehara Kazuha

Kazuha was launched in Update 1.6. At that time, he was considered to be the 5-star version of Sucrose. Therefore, a lot of players believed that it was a waste of Primogems to roll this character when they had got Sucrose and Venti.

However, he has been the most meta-suitable character in Genshin Impact up to now. His wind can pull and gather enemies and monsters better than anyone else on the character list. Moreover, the accuracy and convenience of his kits as well as the elemental buff make Kazuha the most used character in Spiral Abyss.

Kazuha Genshin
Kazuha is a great sub-DPS for any team.

#2. Zhongli

Zhongli made lots of players down at his release because his actual power regressed everyone's expectations about an undefeatable archon in Genshin world. A lot of players felt cheated when receiving a B-tier supporter.

The gamer community strongly complained about this character that made developers modify his kits. After the significant buff, Zhongli has been the most useful and flexible supporter in Genshin Impact now for some reasons.

  • Reduce all elemental resistance and physical resistance by 20% of enemies to make them get higher DMG.
  • Increase the DMG caused by his ability kits based on his Max HP.
  • Geo elemental resonance is one of the best resonances in the game now.
Zhongli Genshin
Zhongli is truely powerful as he should be now.

#3. Yea Miko

Yea Miko was also an underrated character before the release of Dendro elemental reactions. Her complicated kits require her to stay on-field pretty long though she was designed to be an off-field DMG dealer.

Not until update 3.0 was launched did Yea Miko show her potential. Moreover, the new Gilded Dreams artifact set gives her the necessary buffs. In addition, the new elemental reaction Aggravate between Dendro and Electro also makes Yae Miko more useful in the current meta of the game.

Yea Miko Power
Yea Miko is preferred now.

#4. Childe

Most Genshin Impact players nearly forget Childe. He requires high Constellation levels to be unlocked to make him stronger. But Genshin Impact veterans find the best team to optimize his power at low Constellation levels for F2P players.

You should build Childe's national teams with Xiangling, Bennett, and Xingqiu or Kazuha. Moreover, the new Polar Star bow also boosts his power a lot.

Childe National Teams
You should use Childe's national team.

#5. Sangonomiya Kokomi

Kokomi was not released at the right moment. Her banner followed the banner of Raiden Shogun and her kits were not very impressive. It made this character underrated at her first release.

However, she is one of the most wished characters now in the current meta. Kokomi has great and stable Hydro application ability while her healing effect is extremely amazing. Moreover, the new powerful elemental reaction Bloom between Hydro and Dendro also makes Kokomi a preferred off-field sub-DPS now.

Kokomi Genshin Impact
Kokomi Genshin Impact

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