Looks like the release of the new Dendro characters has changed nothing in the Genshin Impact meta. The top ten most used characters for Spiral Abyss floor 12 are still rather predictable, with the 4-star trio Bennett, Xiangling and Xingqiu getting high places.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to list out the 10 most used characters for Genshin 3.0 Spiral Abyss floor 12.

1. Kazuha (83.6%)

Overall, harping about how imbalanced Kazuha is has gotten pretty boring. Everything from his kit is powerful, from his CC to his EM boost. And with the Dendro patch, more weapons with EM passives have been unlocked for Kazuha to try out.

Genshin Impact Kazuha Banner
Kazuha's boost makes him essential in almost all lineups.

Kazuha is also no slouch in the damage department - he can deal decent damage even with a weaker weapon. The 4-piece set Viridescent Venerer is the best on Kazuha to take advantage of his boosts and RES shred. He is not going to be dethroned any time soon, as his boosts are just too strong.

2. Bennett (75.7%)

The universal 4 star support, Bennett, has always been on top of his game in Spiral Abyss, and Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss 2.6 is not an exception. He is the most used 4 star character and splashable in almost all lineups, due to his versatile kit.

Bennett Attack
Bennett is a character that all Genshin players have.

Bennett can provide powerful buffs, heals, and Pyro applications.

3. Zhongli (73.5%)

Another popular character in most Spiral Abyss rotations, Zhongli is more or less a powerful clutch if players are afraid to get killed. His powerful shield pretty much allows the team to tank all the attacks head on. This is useful in teams that need to stay at low HP, such as Hu Tao.

Zhongli Burst
Zhongli's petrification is a decent control ability against bosses.

None of the current enemy lineups have anti-shield mechanics, so players aren't punished for using him on Spiral Abyss's Floor 12.

4. Yelan (71.4%)

Yelan provides buffs to both herself and the party she's in. Her first self buff, Turn Control, increases Yelan's Max HP based on the number of Elemental Types that are present in the party. This is perfect for the National-style teams with all 4 elements.

Yelan Genshin
Yelan's ability works exactly like Xingqiu.

Her "Adapt With Ease" passive boosts the damage of the character on the field when her Elemental Buff is active, increasing Yelan's support potential. For every second her Burst is active, the buff increases, with the maximum being 50% extra damage. If timed well with powerful bursts, players can deal devastating damage to enemies.

5. Xingqiu (60.7%)

Despite Yelan's release, Xingqiu is still a popular Hydro support in Genshin, due to the fact that many players already have him at high constellations. Before 2.7, he is the best Hydro support in the game, with the ability to apply Hydro continuously without much cooldown. This allows reaction teams like Vaporize, Freeze and Electro Charged to work smoothly.

Xingqiu Consistent Source Hydro

With Spiral Abyss allowing up to 2 teams, even Yelan users are putting Xingqiu in the other team that doesn't have Yelan. Overall, despite getting power creeped, Xingqiu is not going out of meta any time soon.

6. Xiangling (59.8%)

Xiangling or "the 4 star Pyro Archon" is a powerful Pyro character that most players have at high constellation. Her skill and burst are powerful Pyro applicators that can be used to support reaction teams.  She is no slouch in dealing damage, of course, as her Elemental Burst can snapshot. It is perfect to be used inside Bennett's AoE for the extra ATK.

Genshin Impact Xiangling

Similar to Bennett, she is also a common character to trigger Pyro resonance in teams.

7. Raiden Shogun (59.4%)

Raiden and three 4-star characters have taken the spot for the most powerful lineup in Spiral Abyss. Xingqiu, Bennett, and Xiangling are the three best 4-star characters in the game, who have powerful bursts. When paired with Raiden, they can make use of her Energy Recharge skill and spam those bursts much more frequently. This also allows the three units to switch to more powerful damage gear instead of having to focus on Energy regeneration gear.

National Squad (with Raiden)
National Squad for Spiral Abyss is actually super easy to build, with 3 out of 4 characters being 4 stars.

Raiden also does not break the combo, as Hydro and Electro can coexist. This means Xiangling can both Vaporize and Overload at the same time for great damage.

8. Kokomi (50.4%)

Being Hydro, Kokomi is probably the strongest healer one can have in Genshin. All parts of her kit revolve around healing and dealing damage: her elemental skill provides healing in intervals while her burst gives Kokomi a "life steal" effect on attacks.

Kokomi's support builds with the Ocean-Hued Clam set.

Since she's a Catalyst-user, you can use Kokomi's normal attacks to easily apply Hydro to enemies and set up Elemental Reactions such as Freeze, Vaporize, or Electro-Charge. Her elemental skill also applies Hydro periodically as well, which synergizes pretty well with reaction-based Kokomi team comp.

9. Ayaka (48.1%)

As a Cryo DPS character, Ayaka shines the most when players build her around a mono-cryo or perma-freeze team. She is a decent replacement for Ganyu if you need a melee character.

Ayaka Burst
Ayaka's burst deal a lot of damage, which allows players more flexibility.

10. Hu Tao (44.4%)

Hu Tao vaporize comp with Zhongli has always been one of the best teams ever created in Genshin, fusing the insane damage from Hu Tao with Zhongli's protection. Hu Tao's vaporize combo with Xingqiu allows players to deal huge damage consistently, especially when she's lower than 50% HP.

Hu Tao Elemental Burst
Hu Tao's crazy Pyro DPS is the core of many lineups.

Zhongli's sturdy shield allow Hu Tao players to keep their HP low without problems. Albedo provides Geo resonance and some extra off-field damage - players can replace him with a Pyro character such as Bennett for Pyro resonance.

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