Layla is a 4-star Cryo Sword Character in Genshin Impact. She is going to debut in the upcoming 3.2 patch, alongside the Dendro Archon Nahida. Therefore, most players would get her in the process of trying to get the Archon. Overall, Layla is a Cryo shielder/off-field DPS who can offer a bit of utility to Cryo teams.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to farm materials for Genshin Impact Layla. By pre-farming her mats, players would be able to use Layla right away after getting her from the gacha.

Genshin Impact Layla Banner Release Date
Genshin Impact 3.2 Layla

Layla Ascension Material

All materials to ascend Layla are currently available.

Level Cryo Gemstone Common Materials Local Specialty Normal Boss Drop Mora
20+ 1x Shivada Jade Sliver 3x Divining Scroll 3x Nilotpala Lotus 20,000
40+ 3x Shivada Jade Fragment 15x Divining Scroll 10x Nilotpala Lotus 2x Perpetual Caliber 40,000
50+ 6x Shivada Jade Fragment 12x Sealed Scroll 20x Nilotpala Lotus 4x Perpetual Caliber 60,000
60+ 3x Shivada Jade Chunk 18x Sealed Scroll 30x Nilotpala Lotus 8x Perpetual Caliber 80,000
70+ 6x Shivada Jade Chunk 12x Forbidden Curse Scroll 45x Nilotpala Lotus 12x Perpetual Caliber 100,000
80+ 6x Shivada Jade Gemstone 24x Forbidden Curse Scroll 60x Nilotpala Lotus 20x Perpetual Caliber 120,000

Shivada Jades

Shivada Jades are gemstones of varying quality used in the ascension of characters. They are associated with the Cryo element.

Genshin Impact Shivada Jade Cryo
Shivada Jades

Players can get them by doing the following:

  • Beat the following Normal Bosses: Aeonblight Drake, Coral Defenders, Cryo Hypostasis, Cryo Regisvine, Maguu Kenki, Perpetual Mechanical Array, Primo Geovishap
  • Beat the following Weekly Bosses: Beneath the Dragon-Queller, Enter the Golden House, Narukami Island: Tenshukaku, Wolf of the North Challenge
  • Alternatively, players can also get them from either Souvenir Shop or Alchemy

Perpetual Caliber

Players can get 1-3 Perpetual Caliber from defeating the Aeonblight Drake, a Normal Boss challenge found in Ardravi Valley, Sumeru.

Genshin Impact How To Get Perpetual Caliber
Perpetual Caliber boss in Genshin Impact

Players will need x46 Perpetual Caliber for Lv. 90 Layla, which requires quite a few runs.

Kalpalata Lotus

The Kalpalata Lotus is an exclusive material in Sumeru. These flowers are from vines that grow on cliffsides. Below are the locations to visit for farming lotuses.

Kalpalata Lotus Farming Routes Map Large
Kalpalata Lotus

Aramani, an NPC located in Vanarana, Sumeru, also sells 5 Kalpalata Lotus with a 3-days refresh.

Divining Scrolls

Divining Scrolls, Sealed Scrolls, and Forbidden Curse Scrolls can be farmed from Samachurls. These have been available in Genshin Impact for a long time and it is expected that players already know how to get them.

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Some of the more popular Samachurl farming spots.

Layla Talent Materials

So far only the names of the common materials have been revealed.

Level Talent Books Common Materials Mora Boss Drops Crown
Level 2 3x Teachings of Ingenuity 6x Divining Scroll 12,500
Level 3 2x Guide to Ingenuity 3x Sealed Scroll 17,500
Level 4 4x Guide to Ingenuity 4x Sealed Scroll 25,000
Level 5 6x Guide to Ingenuity 6x Sealed Scroll 30,000
Level 6 9x Guide to Ingenuity 9x Sealed Scroll 37,500
Level 7 4x Philosophies of Ingenuity 4x Forbidden Curse Scroll 120,000 1x Mirror of Mushin
Level 8 6x Philosophies of Ingenuity 6x Forbidden Curse Scroll 260,000 1x Mirror of Mushin
Level 9 12x Philosophies of Ingenuity 9x Forbidden Curse Scroll 450,000 2x Mirror of Mushin
Level 10 16x Philosophies of Ingenuity 12x Forbidden Curse Scroll 700,000 2x Mirror of Mushin 1x Crown of Insight

Ingenuity series

Ingenuity Books are Talent Level-Up Materials used to increase the level of Sumeru Characters' Talents. Players can obtain them from Steeple of Ignorance (Tuesday/Friday/Sunday)

Mirror of Mushin

This is one of the three drops from the Scaramouche boss in 3.2. Players can convert Puppet Strings and Daka's Bell into this one with Dream Solvent.

Scaramouche gets a gigantic mecha

Which talents should you level on Layla?

Layla is a Cryo shield bot who can deal a bit of off-field Cryo damage in multiple instances. Additionally, she scales based on HP so building artifact on her is rather easy.

Maxresdefault 2
Layla's Elemental Skill and Burst activated. She is literally sleeping, with a hanging toy on top of her.

It is rather effortless using her - players just fire off E then Q then switch to other characters. Her E generates a shield and Cryo projectiles while her Q generates Cryo projectiles only. Players should focus on Layla's Skill and Burst - her normal attack can be skipped as she usually stays off-field anyway.

Layla's best artifact and weapon

The best artifact set for Layla is Tenacity Of The Millelith x4. It increases both Layla's HP and shield strength. Its 4-piece bonus triggers when Layla's abilities deal damage off-field, buffing her teammates.

As Layla is a shield bot/off-field support who doesn't deal much damage anyway, her weapon choices are rather simple: Sacrificial Sword, Festering Desire, Favonius Sword. Players can just put one of these on her if they already have another support sword user leveled. These weapons allow Layla to function better as a battery to regenerate energy for her teammates.

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