Cyno is a 5-Star Electro Polearm character in Genshin Impact. He is similar to Xiao in terms of mechanics, a previously released Anemo polearm character. Players make the most of a hyper carry’s kit by spending the entirety of their elemental burst duration doing damage with them on the field. This means players will need off-field supports who don't need field time.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete Cyno team comps guide for Genshin Impact 3.1.

Genshin Impact Cyno 1
The best weapons for Cyno

1. Cyno Electro-Charge

  • Cyno + Beidou + Yelan + Xingqiu

Cyno synergizes with characters that can deal damage off-field, and Yelan & Xingqiu are the best amongst them. With his Burst's Electro infusion, Cyno can trigger Electro Charge repeatedly with the hydro burst support to deal damage. Cyno and Beidou can work if Cyno uses the Thundering Fury set or if Beidou has a high ER stat. Cyno being able to use his Elemental Burst multiple times in a Burst rotation will provide energy not only to himself, but Beidou as well.

Mistakes When Using Cyno
Cyno's Burst stop if you switch him out so his teammates need to be able to deal damage off-field.

Beidou supports with her shield and burst, dealing off-field damage and increasing Cyno's attack speed. Furthermore, she also enables Electro resonance for extra energy regeneration. Players can build Beidou as a battery for Cyno, as his Burst cost quite a bit of Energy.

The Yelan + Xingqiu duo are just off-field support. However, Yelan plays a bigger role as her Passive increase Cyno's damage greatly. When her Burst is active, Cyno gains up to 50% bonus damage.

2. Cyno Electro Team

  • Cyno + Fischl + Kazuha + Zhongli

Cyno is the main DPS in the team. Cyno’s Elemental Burst infuses his Normal ATK with Electro. Electro DMG of the team is maximized by Kazuha and set bonus of Thundersoother.

Fischl Genshin
Fischl is the go-to support if you need off-field Electro.

The best and most f2p-friendly Electro support is Fischl. In this team, she serves as the battery for Cyno and enabler Electro resonance. Kazuha can assist the team by grouping enemies together, applying crowd control, providing DMG buff to teammates and reducing the Elemental Resistance of enemies.

Zhongli’s shield provides a safe environment for team members and increases the ATK of the whole team by using the full set of Tenacity of the Millelith.

3. Cyno Aggravate Team #1

  • Cyno + Fischl + Dendro Traveler + Kokomi (Cyno + 1 Dendro + Supports)

Similar to the previous team, this team also works using a main DPS Cyno and support/battery Fischl. Dendro Traveler will boost the Electro damage of Cyno through reactions. You can also put characters that boost damage such as Kazuha or Zhongli instead of Fischl, however, it is preferred to have another Electro Teammate. Future off-field Dendro Sub-DPS and Support characters with long skill durations will further improve Cyno down the line.

Genshin Impact Dendro Traveler
The Dendro traveler is actually one of the best Dendro support you can get in the game.

Kokomi can heal the team and can also help with damage through Dendro Cores.

Players can also substitute the Dendro Traveler with Collei and Kokomi with Barbara. Catalyze lineups need a bit of healing as Dendro cores explosions also damage the player character.

4. Cyno Aggravate Team #2

  • Cyno + Dori + Dendro Traveler + Collei  (2 Electro 2 Dendro)

This is probably the best team for Cyno if you manage to get all the needed characters up for it. Cyno would be the main DPS of the team, dealing reaction damage with Dendro support from Traveler and Collei.

Collei Genshin
It's very simple to get and build Collei in Genshin Impact 3.0.

Dori is the perfect support for Aggravate teams - she provides healing and energy regeneration to Cyno. Players can also trigger Aggravate when needed using her off-field burst. Players can replace Dori with Kuki Shinobu if needed, as she is also an Electro healer. However, her battery is not as good as Dori.

Traveler and Collei provide ample Dendro application off-field with their Burst. Furthermore, they also enable Dendro resonance which boosts Elemental Mastery for the whole party.

Will Dendro Archon Nahida be useful in a Cyno team?

Nahida is going to be busted, and work with Cyno, but she's definitely not optimizing with Cyno in mind. Seems more bloom and quick swap oriented.

Genshin Nahida Thumb
Genshin Impact Dendro archon is going to be the most powerful Dendro support... for Bloom, that is.

Players can still use her with Cyno, as she's going to be the best Dendro support for him when the competition is Dendro MC and Collei. The best Dendro support for Cyno would be something like a Dendro Xingqiu/Yelan - which is exactly what Cyno's kit needs. Dendro application proccing on normal attacks lasting 20ish seconds and proccing an insane amount of spread itself.

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