Mihoyo has taken drastic measures to buff weaker elements like Hydro and Electro with the introduction of Dendro. Older characters such as Keqing now gain completely new builds and can fit in with more powerful team compositions.

Creating a powerful Keqing main DPS is easier than ever, as the Aggravate reaction has boosted her damage significantly, making her one of the top DPS with the right support.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the best Keqing Aggravate build and team comps in Genshin Impact 3.1.


1. Keqing Aggravate Build

Players should focus on Attack talent first then Burst then Skill. Keqing's constellation does not matter that much in a Dendro lineup.


Keqing is not picky with swords at all - below is a list of the best possible swords for Keqing.

Mistsplitter Reforged
(3 stacks)
Best-in-slot option for Sustained Electro Keqing. Mistsplitter offers 44.1% CRIT DMG alongside a very high Base Attack and an extremely strong passive, which Keqing has an easy time maintaining.
Jade Cutter Jade Cutter was previously Electro Keqing’s Best-in-slot up until Mistsplitter’s release. This sword offers 44% CRIT Rate which is a ridiculous amount. This is the second best option if Mistsplitter is not available to you.
Haran Geppaku Futsu Although Haran only buffs Keqing’s Normal Attacks, it provides a non-negligible Elemental DMG buff, as well as high amounts of CRIT Rate, making it a strong weapon for Keqing.
Summit Shaper While Summit Shaper usually needs time to ramp up, Keqing’s Elemental Burst fully stacks this weapon by itself. This, paired with consistent shield uptime, makes Summit Shaper one of Keqing’s top weapons.
Aquila Favonia Regardless of the Physical DMG% secondary stat, the Aquila Favonia comes equipped with the highest Base ATK a sword can offer, as well as a 20% ATK bonus for your character, making it viable on Electro Keqing.
Lion’s Roar
(Full Uptime)
Keqing’s best 4 star weapon in Electro-focused teams or teams that utilize the Electro-Charged reaction. Maintaining the passive is a big part of this weapon’s strength, which should not be a problem for Electro Keqing.
The Black Sword The premier 4 star weapon for Keqing. Although The Black Sword is slightly weaker than Lion’s Roar with its passive up, this weapon makes building Keqing more forgiving due to the CRIT Rate secondary stat and the lack of a condition on its passive.
Blackcliff Longsword
(1 Stack)
The Blackcliff Weapon series is the king of inconsistency. On paper, this is Keqing’s best 4 star option at 3 stacks. However, it is difficult to recommend due to the passive being completely useless vs bosses and inconsistent overall. Not recommended to buy off the Starglitter shop.


Building Keqing is pretty easy as she is one of the earliest characters. Players probably already have her artifact set farmed. The Thundering Fury set is the best option for her in Aggravate build, as it provides both damage and cooldown reduction, which she really needs. The Thundering Fury set is available through both the domain in Mondstadt and the game's Artifact Strongbox system.

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The best substats for Aggravate Keqing are the usual Crit Rate and Crit Damage, with Elemental Mastery being 3rd priority. Players need as much EM as they can in order to boost the damage of aggravate.

2. Keqing Aggravate Team Comps

Building an Aggravate Keqing team in Genshin Impact is pretty simple, as players only need 2 other components:

  • The first one is a strong electro support to regenerate Keqing's energy and provide her with additional Aggravate procs.
  • The second one is a character who can apply Dendro frequently while off-field.

Keqing + Fischl + Collei/Dendro MC + Zhongli/Kazuha

Collei Kazuha Fishl And Keqing In Genshin Impact

Keqing mainly uses multi-stage attacks to trigger the catalyze reactions. Keqing and Fischl enable elemental resonance, which allows the elemental burst of the traveler (Dendro) to be used more frequently. Fischl provides an insane amount of damage to the team thanks to her high Electro application rate and strong multipliers.

Fischl’s Elemental Skill can provide continuous Electro attachment backstage, which works with Traveler (Dendro) to trigger Catalyze. C6 of Fischl will have a significant upgrade of the team.

Collei/Dendro MC provides DMG off-field. Their Dendro DMG is maximized by Catalyzing. Both of these characters are easily available to most F2P players, making an Aggravate team easy to put together. Both of them can be run to enable Dendro resonance for extra Elemental Mastery, which in turn increases Aggravate reaction damage.

The final slot of the team is pretty flexible and is open to a number of characters. Players can put Kazuha and Zhongli into it, as they are both generic supporters who can improve the damage of Keqing and the team with their strong abilities.

Would Dendro Archon be useful in Keqing teams?

Overall, Nahida is a decent sub-DPS/Dendro enabler and can boost Keqing's elemental mastery greatly. However, players will need to run a second Dendro character as her Dendro application is not that great.

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