Yae Miko is a 5-star Electro Catalyst character that specializes in long-term, consistent off-field damage while having access to a high-damaging Burst. Because of that, she can fit in a lot of teams - in this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 10 best teammates for Yae Miko in Genshin Impact 2023.

1. Raiden Shogun

Best friends in the story, best friends in combat. The two units complement each other extremely well. Yae provides a large number of Resolve stacks and long-term off-field damage. Raiden provides Yae with a large amount of Energy while also being able to dish out large amounts of damage while Yae is off-field.

Baal And Yae Miko
Yae and Raiden complement each other.

Yae possesses high off-field damage and a powerful Elemental Burst, whose ER needs are made manageable by pairing her with Raiden. Thus, she can achieve a high damage profile, with Raiden/Yae teams being able to compete with other maximum potential Raiden teams. Due to providing a source of consistent damage, Yae allows Raiden teams to deal significantly better with multi-wave content, while their combined Burst damage allows them to still deal well with limited DPS windows.

2. Fischl

Strong off-field unit that has strong particle generation and can make use of the various buffs present in Yae teams well. She can also help greatly with providing Electro aura in the teams to help enable Anemos or other units to Overload / Overvape.

Fischl is similar to Raiden in some areas due to being able to produce a lot of Electro Particles. In addition, the two can be run together both as off-field DPS, providing a lot of consistent and low-effort damage.

3. Kaedehara Kazuha

Kazuha provides a hefty damage boost and resistance shred. He also offers decent grouping, allowing Yae to land her Burst in AoE scenarios. In addition, he provides one of the few buffs that Yae can make use of off-field. Many of Yae’s strongest teams use Kazuha’s supportive capabilities.

Kazuha Always Feels Safe With This Sword
Kazuha is useful in pretty much all elemental teams.

4. Sangonomiya Kokomi

Acts as both a great on-field option and complement off-field option with Yae. As an on-field enabler, Kokomi provides a decent amount of damage and can use Hakushin Ring or Thrilling Tales to buff Yae. As an off-field unit, both Kokomi and Yae can provide consistent and long Electro and Hydro aura to enemies.

5. Kujou Sara

Even though Yae cannot snapshot her buff, it is still valuable, especially at C6 Sara. Sara also has great utility in a triple Electro team comp due to her being able to buff many units at once.

Kujou Sara Genshin Impact 7
Kujou Sara is the prime Electro supporter at C6

Pre C6, in terms of raw buffing potential, she faces stiff competition from TTDS Lisa and Mona, who are cheaper to build and typically better single unit buffers. Sara can pull ahead of her competitors if using Elegy, and at C6, Sara’s buffing power is entirely unmatched and she becomes a prime pick for Raiden. Sara is also able to buff multiple units using her Skill, C2, and Burst, which can be an added advantage when paired with secondary damage dealers such as Yae, Fischl, or Xiangling.

6. Xingqiu

When paired with Yae, the two provide a strong off-field DPS core. In addition, when playing Yae as an on-field DPS, the damage reduction and interruption resistance allow Yae to be played more comfortably.

7. Beidou

Similar to Xingqiu, but Electro instead. The two provide high amounts of off-field damage, and Yae herself is a decent driver for Beidou as well. Although, some issues may occur when running the two without a third Electro or the use of other Energy-focused equipment or units.

Beidou Best Build
Beidou is an useful off-field Electro driver for Yae.

8. Sucrose

Yes, Yae can make use of Sucrose’s Elemental Mastery share, which allows Yae to get a small boost in Elemental Skill damage. In addition, when paired with other off-field DPS, Sucrose can act as a strong on-field enabler for the team and provide crowd control as well.

9. Nahida

The best Dendro enabler in the game along with providing Yae up to 250 EM while playing Yae on-field. Allows for extremely easy gameplay due to Nahida’s high range Elemental Skill and Yae’s turrets.

10. Tighnari

Yae, in most teams, suffers from two main problems that limit her: her high 90-Energy-Cost Burst, and her high field time for an off-field DPS. It is recommended to run Yae Miko with an Electro battery in a Double Electro composition.

Many Players Get Tighnari When Rolling Nahida
Yae's off-field capability is suitable to support Tighnari.

In Tighnari teams, she is generally set free of these limitations thanks to Fischl or Kuki’s particle generation alongside Tighnari’s very low field time for an on-field DPS. This allows her to make the most of her turrets and Burst and contribute significant amounts of damage.

Additionally, Quicken (or more specifically the subsequent Aggravate) and her A4 Talent allow her to double-dip in EM. Note that even now, building ATK% is about equal or slightly better than building EM.

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