Genshin Impact will rerun Xiao's banner in the next update 3.4. There are many secrets about Genshin Impact Xiao, such as his real name and true age. Here are the top five must-know facts about this upcoming character.

#1. Xiao's Age

Though Xiao looks young, he is over 2000 years old. This fact is confirmed in Character Details and Character Story 4. Therefore, Xiao is one of the oldest characters in this game. He is even older than Lesser Lord Kusanali, the Dendro archon of Sumeru, who is only about 500 years old.

Zhongli and Venti can be the only two characters older than Xiao. That's why Xiao appears in many quests and events which unveil secrets and hidden stories in Liyue. His quest chain is also informative for those who want to learn about Liyue before the Archon War.

Xiao Is Older Than His Appearance
Xiao is older than his appearance.

#2. Xiao's Real Name

Xiao is the name that Zhongli gave this yaksha. But his real name is Alatus. Many people call this yaksha "General Alatus" and his story quest chain is also titled "Alatus Chapter". These details are strong evidence to prove that Xiao's real name is Alatus. It's unveiled in the Character Story 2 of Xiao.

Xiao Is A Guardian Of Liyue
Zhongli saved this Yaksha and gave him the name 'Xiao'.

#3. Yaksha Friends Of Xiao

Xiao is one of six Yaksha in Liyue, but he is also the only Yaksha member staying alive. The five other Yakshas died or disappeared.

  • Bosacius is the oldest Yaksha who got exhausted from wars and disappeared after sealing his treasures in Minlin.
  • Bosacius got involved in the Abyss war against Khaenri'ah monsters.
  • Indarias, Bonanus, and Menogias perished.

At the end of the day, Xiao is the only one to stay alive. Moreover, he is still serving Zhongli and protecting Liyue as a loyal Yaksha.

His Mission Is To Slay Monsters
His mission is to slay monsters and protect Liyue.

#4. Lantern Rite Festival

Lantern Rite is the biggest festival in Liyue when everyone is happy and excited. Everyone but Xiao enjoys the festival at beginning of the Chinese new year. The loyal Yaksha hates this festival because he has to fight all day and work hard during the event to keep everyone safe.

Many defeated gods in Liyue often erupt to revenge Morax and harass Liyue citizens during the Lantern Rite. Therefore, the workload of Xiao is also larger to give Liyue people a happy and safe festival.

Xiao Is Much Busier In Lantern Rite
Xiao is much busier during the Lantern Rite.

#5. The Wangshu Inn

The Wangshu Inn is built and run to assist Xiao. This restaurant is a famous destination in Liyue where the Traveler sometimes comes to take the commission from Verr Goldet. But not many players know that this famous restaurant exists to support Xiao.

Wangshu Inn is the front organization of the secret agent assisting Xiao in clearing monsters. This is an interesting fact that many players may ignore in his Character Story 3.

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