Besides the playable Genshin Impact characters, some NPCs (non-player characters) also gain attention and fondness from users for their backstories. In some cases, they are even more memorable compared to several units in the game. Check out some of the best Genshin Impact NPCs right here:

4. Guoba

Guoba is not just Xiangling's companion. In actuality, he was a god known as Marchosius, the God of the Stove and Patron God of the Soil.

Guoba Best Npc
Guoba is a God.

After the Archon War, he was one of the few survivors. But after using up his power to vitalize Liyue Harbor, Guoba greatly reduced his physical size and intelligence. Guoba looks like a bipedal, orange panda-like creature. He also has a symbol resembling a combination of Geo and Pyro elements on his back.

How did Guoba and Xiangling meet? They met at a shrine after Xiangling accidentally fell asleep. Among all the NPCs, Guoba is favored for his cute look and gestures. Especially that time when he cried as Xiao left their meeting too soon. (Guoba and Adepti are good friends).

Guoba And Xiao
Guoba crying as Xiao leaves.

3. Ying'er

Ying'er is one of the most memorable NPCs in the game. The playful perfumer has a special way with words and you have to concentrate on what she's saying or else you may misunderstand her.

For instance, “the warmth of their bodies, the smoothness of their curves under your hands”. Without context, who would know she was referring to freshly baked porcelain vases?

Yinger And Timaeus
Ying'er and Timaeus

Also, her beautiful love story with Timaeus in the recent update 3.5 event also garners talk. Apparently, she got tangled with a flirty sailor named Chaoxi back in version 2.1.

And it is until recently that the two friendly NPCs in Liyue and Mondstadt finally found peace in each other's presence.

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2. Teppei

Teppei was a member of the Sangonomiya Resistance and he fought many battles against Raiden Shogun's rule. During one battle like that, he along with other soldiers used a mysterious weapon as support from an anonymous sponsor in order to fight the Shogunate Army.

However, it turns out that instead of Vision, the weapon relied on Delusion to work. And the original sponsor turned out to be the Fatui. This event made lots of soldiers suffer from accelerated aging, including Teppei.

Teppei Genshin Best Npc
Teppei before and after being under the effect of Delusion.

As Delusion drains the life of the user who uses it, Teppei eventually died of old age when he should have been a young, diligent soldier with dreams and passion forward.

His sad story and his once spirit made him one of the best Genshin Impact NPCs whose demise is still being mourned by many players.

1. Ruu

Ruu is indeed one of the most unforgettable NPCs in Genshin Impact.

The story went: Tsurumi Island's inhabitants worshipped a Thunderbird named Kapatcir. Ruu and this Thunderbird were good friends as she was enchanted by Ruu's voice.

However, in an unfortunate turn of events, Ruu sacrificed himself per the people's request. Finding out that her friend died on the altar, Kapatcir went furious and cursed the land with a neverending destructive loop.

Ruu's story makes him one of the NPCs with the most memorable yet saddest tales.

In the end, the Traveler was able to break the curse as they managed to bring Ruu to Kapatcir so that the Thunderbird could hear him sing. Ruu was never found after this quest and the heartfelt scene of two good friends uniting made Genshin Impact players emotional.

The kid indeed left a great impression on players after showcasing his angelic singing voice and the heartbreaking story, no less than that of Teppei.

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