Among every factor that makes Genshin Impact one of the best games recently is its lore and many hidden secrets along the way that intrigues many players. They may include the relationships between its characters, be it a playable one or ones that have not been released; the alleged location of several spots and structures, etc.

As of update 3.5, players have come up with more theories that may surprise many. Check out the best Genshin Impact theories 2023 now.

Diluc Mother
See some of the best theories below!

1. Diluc's mother is a Hexenzirkel witch

The Hexenzirkel is a group of 8 witches that conducts Irminsul explorations and usually gathers around for "formal tea parties". They were introduced recently in the Windblume Breath quests and rumor has it that one of them has some kind of connection with the Ragnvindr clan.

Why? Some players spotted that on the tea party table was a set of red teapots which resembles the ones spotted at Wine Dawnery. The pattern on this teapot also looks exactly the same as a rug in Dawn Winery and a detail on Diluc's back but upside down.

Diluc And Hexenzirkel
Not only they have the same teapot, but the pattern also resembles that on Diluc's coat.

The star symbol of the secret society also appears on Diluc's bartender outfit in the manga's chapter 16. Besides, Diluc never mentioned his mother before. So there is a chance that, different from his father, his mother might be alive and she may be even part of the witch group.

Diluc And Hexenzirkel Same Star Pattern
The same star pattern.

2. Sandrone is Guizhong's reincarnation

Guizhong - the God of Dust, passed away a long time ago to Morax's grief. But according to some Genshin players, Guizhong may have not died or she has reincarnated into the form of Sandrone - a member of the Fatui.

Also known by codename "Marionette", Sandrone is the Seventh of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. With the same interest in crafting machines and obviously, their uncanny resemblance, many users think Sandrone and Guizhong may be the same person.

Guizhong Sandrone
Some fans joked that Sandrone hates Childe, so maybe Sandrone is definitely Guizhong.

In fact, Sandrone is not fond of Tartaglia. And considering the fact that Tartaglia and Zhongli are amongst the most popular ships in Genshin Impact, while Guizhong and Morax had a thing in the past, some fans have joked that this "quadruple" connection means Sandrone is in fact Guizong all along.

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3. Khaenri'ah location

A Reddit user (account u/Hakdaghost) found one of the best Genshin Impact theories 2023. They possibly discovered Khaenriah's location due to the game's voice-over.

Based on Diluc and Kaeya's story of the old time, this user traced all the way from Dawn Winery to the horizon beyond Spiral Abyss.

It shows the unreleased region and they also speculated that the Spiral Abyss may also be the entrance to Khaenr'iah. Many players agreed on this and said that it makes sense. "The first nation we start in can become the last", a concept that happens in many stories.

Khaenriah Location Rumor
Genshin Impact theory: a fan discovered the possible location of Khaenriah.

4. Alice's real identity

A player was surprised to find out that Scaramouche's Collected Miscellany vid was narrated not only by Dainsleif but also by Alice - Klee's mother and also a member of the Hexenzirkel.

Alice has narrated before for Dori's and Aloy's Collected Miscellany. This is because Dori is Alice's close business associate while same like Alice, Aloy is an interdimensional traveler.

So why did Alice narrate Scaramouche's quest? Those who are from Teyvat forgot about him as he erased himself from Irminsul. But like the Traveler, Alice also remembers his story. She even becomes his narrator.

This may be another evidence that Alice is from beyond Teyvat, may be a Descender.

Alice Genshin Impact
Alice is not from Teyvat (pic made by

It is crazy how players got such a lore bomb from only a gameplay demo, if this rumor becomes true someday.

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5. Teyvat is upside down & the Abyss is the outer space

Another one in the list of best Genshin Impact theories 2023 is that contrary to what we have always thought, Teyvat may be the Upside Down and the Abyss is the Outer Space.

Genshin Upside Down
Teyvat world is rumored to be, in fact, upside down.

Some hints that players have found include:

  • The Ley Lines on the surface of Teyvat (ex.: Ley Line Blossoms) are the roots of Irminsul. This indicates that either Iminsul is underground or it is Teyvat that is upside down.
  • The Sky is Fake: Famous words from Scaramouche in the Sumeru Archon quest. If this world we know is upside down, a fake sky would be the factor that maintains the illusion of the incorrect orientation.
  • The Underground's importance: Khaenri'ah was completely underground. King Deshret, the one who sought to defy the Gods and Celestia, also built a great part of his projects and civilization underground.
  • Khaenri'ah calls the twins the "Prince(ss) of Abyss". Chlothar repeats this fact even before Abyss Order is founded. Also, the twins are interstellar travelers summoned by Khaenri'ah. This means Khaenri'ah knows about other planets or civilizations' existence and knew exactly the Twins' origin. Calling them Prince(ss) of Abyss likely refers to them being Prince(ss) of Space - those who are supposed to guide Khaenri'ah into and to take control of the Abyss.
  • Forbidden knowledge, flowing from the Abyss, is considered to be not from this world.
  • A loading screen tip talked about a great cataclysm flipping the world upside down.
  • Albedo's demo shows the world flipped.
  • In Spiral Abyss, the sky gets brighter the deeper we go.

In conclusion, Teyvat's geography goes: Celestia (core) -> continent and countries players travel through -> Underground and sunken places (The Chasm/Khaenri'ah/Sumeru Underground/Enkanomiya) -> Irminsul tree shoot -> The Space/Abyss.

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