Many hidden stories and characters were revealed in the Windblume Breath quests of Genshin Impact 3.5. Check out who are members of the witch group Hexenzirkel in the Joy Above the Clouds quest here.

Hexenzirkel Stories
Listen to Hexenzirkel's stories.

I. What Is Hexenzirkel?

Hexenzirkel, also known as the Circle of Witches, is an organization of eight powerful witches. These eight members maintain friends instead of acting like seniors and juniors. Alice stood out as the leader of Hexenzirkel.

The purpose of this organization is still unknown. But obviously, these witches are interested in exploring Teyvat and learning about Irminsul. Lisa seemed to have refused Alice's invitation because she does not have the same interest as other players.

Group Of Powerful Witches
Group of eight powerful witches from different nations in Teyvat.

II. Who Are In Hexenzirkel?

The six following members of Hexenzirkel have information revealed in previous cut-scenes and Windblume quests. Check out some details about these witches.

Ivanovna N.

Ivanovna is a former member of Hexenzirkel but she still keeps in touch with other members. She left the group after getting married. Ivanovna passed away many centuries ago. Then, NPC Scarlett inherited her power. Both Ivanovna and Scarlett are from Snezhnaya.

Ivanovna Left The Group After Her Marriage
Ivanovna left the group after her marriage.


Rhinedottir, also known as Gold, is a famous alchemist from Khaenri'ah. She is also one of the earliest known witches in Genshin Impact. Rhinedottir is Albedo's mother. Besides, she has a close relationship with the Spiral Abyss. You can find many products of Rhinedottir related to that world to some extent, such as:

  • Durin has power from Spiral Abyss;
  • Wolflord is created by Rhinedottir.


You can find the long series of The Boar Princess in Mondstadt's library. It's written by Andersdotter. The author also taught Alice what pain was through her story. It's still unknown if she is still alive or not. But many players believe that she passed away and left Alice a long sorrow.

Stories Are Unveiled
Stories are unveiled in the tea party.


Mona's master is Barbeloth, an excellent witch who taught her many Hydro skills. Besides, she is also a talented astrologist. Her relationship with Alice is pretty complicated. They are frienemy. But Barbeloth is excellent in astrology while Alice is good at many things.


Alice is the most powerful witch in Mondstadt whose power is comparable with that of Anemo archon. She can carry out time travel to arrive in other worlds and remove giant mountains in Mondstadt. Klee's mother is also crazy about scientific experiments on Hilichurls. Alice also loves her daughter, Klee, a lot. She is expected to become a 5-star playable character in the near future.

Alice Loves Her Daughter
Alice loves her daughter a lot.


Nicole is known after a mysterious voice at the end of the archon quest 'As Though Morning Dew' was unveiled. As introduced by Alice, Nicole only gives players voice messages to instruct players to find out the truth.

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