In Genshin Impact, a character's strength does not necessarily indicate that they excel at all aspects of the game. For instance, characters like Raiden Ei and Zhongli are evidence of this; while the former can't cook, the latter seems to be financially challenged.

And while some characters may possess greater intellectual prowess due to their age, others are simply gifted. Let's name the most intelligent characters in Genshin Impact below.


He works out AND he reads.

As one of the latest additions to the Genshin Impact roster, particularly for the Dendro element, Alhaitham had to bear the weight of expectations. This may explain his muscular build (which no one is complaining about, though).

In terms of intellect, he strikes a balance between Albedo and Ayato. He is a Sumeru scholar who always prioritizes logic above everything else.

With a single-minded focus on comprehending the mathematics that underpins the world, he was able to showcase his exceptional wisdom through one of the latest quests.

If that's not enough to illustrate his level of intelligence, Alhaitham was originally supposed to become the next Grand Sage of Sumeru. However, he declined the position to pursue his studies.

Kamisato Ayato

A pretty genius who just likes sipping on some bubble tea.

When it comes to characters bearing heavy burdens, Ayato has had his fair share of challenges growing up. As the heir of one of the most influential clans in Inazuma, he never had the luxury of idle leisure for his mind.

To maintain his family's legacy and take care of his sister along with many other people, Ayato must be more than just academically smart. Even the clever Yae Miko also acknowledges that he can be quite cunning at times, given his proclivity for scheming.

Even Raiden Shogun holds Ayato in high regard due to his unpredictable plans.

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Sangonomiya Kokomi

Kokomi adores Xingqiu's works and she also reads a lot.

The list of the most intelligent characters in Genshin Impact can't be fulfilled without the best healer of Hydro element, Kokomi.

Challenging Archons directly is a bold move that requires either immense bravery or exceptional intelligence. Kokomi's character quest shows that she falls into the latter category.

She is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant military leaders. Despite significant setbacks caused by the Fatui and their Delusions, Kokomi managed to overpower the Shogun's forces with her strategic prowess.


She is known as one of the most intelligent characters in Genshin Impact.

Lisa' vast knowledge and intelligence are undoubtedly impressive, as evidenced by the sages' plea for her return to the academy.

However, Lisa's experiences likely taught her the importance of balance. She may have decided that a quieter life was the best way to maintain it. Additionally, it's possible that she wanted to use her knowledge to help others in a more direct and personal way. That is why she chooses to play her role as the Mondstadt Librarian.


Albedo smart
The Chalk Prince is a smart character with a gentlemanly manner.

Albedo demonstrates that having an excess of knowledge can be perilous. He surpasses even Lisa as a scholar and alchemist, with the ability to create life from scratch.

Albedo's obsession with alchemy and perpetual experimentation is renowned, and he is considered a genius by all who know him. There is a reason why so many look up to him, including the timid Sucrose.

However, his talents and intellect are restricted by his capriciousness and lack of focus.


The Dendro Archon is on her way to become even greater.

Nahida, also called the God of Wisdom, is naturally intelligent and represents the values and culture of Sumeru. And this land is already renowned for its scholars and love of knowledge.

However, as a young Archon, she has personal obstacles that may hinder her from reaching her full potential. With time and experience, she will surely overcome them and greatly improve.

Il Dottore

Dottore Genshin Impact
Il Dottore - The Doctor.

Heartless as he is, The Doctor is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent characters in Genshin Impact.

Il Dottore made an appearance in the official manga of Genshin Impact. But it wasn't until Kusanali's Archon Quest in the game that his cunning intellect was fully showcased.

He's considered second only to Tsaritsa and Pierro, and could potentially even usurp Pierro's position as the head of the Fatui Harbingers.

Il Dottore is similar to Albedo in his pursuit of knowledge, but his methods are unethical. He has a reputation for outsmarting Kusanali, which is a remarkable achievement.


Tsaritsa in a cutscene.

The Archons are answerable to Celestia, the gods' dwelling place above Teyvat. Any attempt to rebel or seize their power would require a well-thought-out plan for success.

The Cryo Archon, Tsaritsa, is a prime example of this. She leads the Fatui Harbingers and has the intelligence to outsmart the other gods. She is considered the smartest and most ambitious Archon in Teyvat.

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