Many veterans in Genshin Impact haven't been aware of these useful tips and tactics. These helpful tips will make you play better in current events, challenges, and game meta. Check out these tips here.

Genshin Impact Tips
Best Genshin Impact tips

#1. Ballads Of Breeze Minigame

The music minigame 'Ballads Of Breeze' in the current Windblume event 3.5 can be challenging for some players at the pro level. Luckily, you are allowed to adjust the interface settings to make music notes easier to strike perfectly.

In the interface settings, you locate the falling mode. Then, select the cascade mode. Then, the note will be turned into the longer one which is better to strike.

Use Cascade Falling Mode
Use cascade falling mode.

#2. Serenitea Pot Primogems

One of the most ignored sources of Primogems is Serenitea Pot's favorite furnishing sets. Each indoor and outdoor furnishing set has a number of signature characters. Each invited character will give you 40 Primogems. You can check out the required items and characters to invite in the information section of each set.

Serenitea Pot Invitation
Serenitea pot invitation

#3. Character Tips

When you build Kuki Shinobu, try to maximize her Elemental Mastery status for the Hyperbloom team. Shinobu with max EM is better than Raiden Shogun in this tea. Sometimes, the Electro archon cannot reach Dendro particles to trigger this elemental reaction.

Besides, you should use countering elemental attacks to break the enemy's shield. For example, Cryo attacks can break Pyro shields faster. However, you can totally break their shield with normal attacks, but it takes longer.

Kuki Shinobu
Build EM for Kuki Shinobu

#4. Gameplay Tips

There are some tips for players to play better in Genshin Impact. Firstly, claymore wielders have two ways to cast plunged attacks, including footstool and dragon strike.

  • Footstool: you climb on the body of large enemies to jump down to perform the plunged attack.
  • Dragon strike: players have to attack enemies and collect hit lag. It's not similar to Footstool but many players think they are the same.

Secondly, the golden ratio between crit rate (CD) and crit damage (CD) is 1:2. Sometimes, you can ignore this rule. But it's the best ratio for the highest output damage to defeat enemies faster.

Footstool And Dragon Strike
Footstool and Dragon Strike

#5. Spiral Abyss Tips

Finally, you should use some helpful tips for Spiral Abyss challenges. This seasonal challenge is also a great source of Primogems if you play well and complete more floors and chambers with good results.

  • Avoid using Bennett for the Maguu Kenki floor or you will repeatedly fail. When you stand in the area of his burst area, you will get a Pyro aura. If Maguu Kenki bosses hit you with his Cryo attacks, you will get nearly double the damage from the Melt reaction.
  • When three bosses teleport to different locations, you should head to the Anemo Maguu Kenki. Then, head back to the Maguu Kenki with the Monster Mask. Then, three bosses will focus on that place. It's time for you to cast the most powerful attacks.
Gather Enemies To Cast Powerful Attacks
Gather enemies to cast powerful attacks

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