Caribert is the new archon quest in Genshin Impact. This quest chain unveiled many interesting stories about Spiral Abyss and the fallen civilization Khaenri’ah. Check out some secrets in the Caribert Archon Quest here.

#1. Caribert Archon Quest Overview

The Archon quest Caribert starts when the Traveler meets Dainsleif. Then, he also revealed that the family name of Kaeya is Alberich. That family established the Spiral Order 500 years ago. They accompany the twin brother/sister of Lumine/Aether in the hunt for the Loom of Fate.

After the conversation with Dainsleif, the life of people in Khaenri’ah when facing the curse of gods will be unveiled through memories of the twin sibling and her/his conversation with Chlothar about Caribert.

Caribert Archon Quest
Unlock Caribert Archon Quest to explore hidden stories about Khaenri’ah and the Abyss Order.

#2. Alberich Family & Abyss Order

The whole archon quest revolves around the adventure of the Traveler's twin, Chlothar Alberich (founder of Abyss Order), and The Sinner. They went to seek the cure for the curse on Caribert Alberich, son of Chlothar.

According to their conversations, Alberich used to be a noble family in Khaenri’ah. That nation was destroyed as a punishment and cursed. However, Khaenri’ah pure-bloodline citizens got the curse of immortality while immigrants got the curse of wilderness and turned to Hilichurls.

Though immigrants and unpure-bloodline people lost their minds and became monsters, they still worship The Sinner. After meeting The Sinner, Chlothar decided to establish the Abyss Order and seek the cure for the curse of immortality.

Alberich Family
The Alberich Family is the founder of the Abyss Order.

#3. What Is Loom of Fate?

The Sinner is a mysterious entity with elemental power. It can communicate and control living things in contact all over Teyvat. Therefore, this antagonist is sealed underground in Sumeru. Only by transferring its sense and power via Chlothar, and then Caribert, can The Sinne escape from the seal.

At the end of the Caribert archon quest, the Loom of Fate was activated when Caribert removed the mask and released the power. This machine sent  The Sinner to other places in Teyvat for retrieving its power for revenge.

If the Loom of Fate can retrieve its power through the Sinner, it may become the 8th party to control Teyvat, apart from The Seven Archons and Celestia.

Loom Of Fate Secrets
The Sinner and Loom of Fates are dangerous parties.

#4. Are Kaeya And Caribert The Same Person?

The Traveler met Kaeya once in the tavern with Dainsleif. Obviously, he does not play an important role in this archon quest. However, there is a hypothesis that Kaeya was the adult version of Caribert after the curse of wilderness was removed.

But it's not convincing because when Caribert lost his mind and turn into Hilichurl, Kaeya was brought up normally in the Dawn Winery. But the appearance of this character at the beginning of the quest and some secrets in his life story remain Easter eggs that make the game story more exciting.

Caribert Quest
The stories of Kaeya and Caribert remain unclear.

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