Nymph’s Dream and Dewflower's Glow are two new artifact sets introduced in Genshin Impact 3.5. They bring new buffs to some new and old characters in this game to make them more powerful and flexible. Check out who can benefit from them here.

Two New Artifact Sets
Two new artifact sets in update 3.5 are Nymph’s Dream and Dewflower's Glow.

Nymph’s Dream

The first artifact set, Nymph’s Dream, has many Hydro buffs. Therefore, many Hydro characters can use these gears to boost their damage. Check out the bonus effects of the Nymph’s Dream artifact set here.

  • Two pieces of Nymph’s Dream: increase Hydro damage by 15% to deal higher elemental DMG and trigger more powerful reactions.
  • Four pieces of this artifact set: When the normal/charged/plunged attacks of your character hit an enemy, he/she will get a Nymph’s Cross stacked for a maximum of 5 times within 8 seconds. The stacked Nymph’s Crosses will boost the Hydro DMG by 4%/9%/15% and ATK by 7%/16%/25%.

Childe, also known as Tartaglia, is the best character to enjoy the benefits of Nymph’s Dream. This artifact set lets this Hydro DPS more flexible and agile because he reaches max DMG after only three Nymph’s Crosses stacked.  It's easy for Childe to optimize the use of these artifacts.

Nymphs Dream
Nymph’s Dream is a good artifact set for Childe and any on-field Hydro DPS characters.

Genshin players who haven't got Childe can equip this set for Kamisato Ayato or Xingqiu. They can also get damage buffs to deal higher DMG to enemies as on-field DPS. You had better obtain this artifact set to make your Hydro characters stronger now because they are meta damage dealer with flexible uses and many powerful reactions.

Dewflower's Glow

The new character Dehya also gets a signature artifact set that is specially designed for her. It's the Dewflower's Glow that buffs her HP for this off-field supporter. Here are some bonuses that Dehya and other supporters can get.

  • Two pieces of Dewflower's Glow: increase HP by 20% for Dehya and HP-scaling DPS.
  • Four pieces of the artifact set: boost Elemental Skill and Burst's DMG by 10%. When your character gets hit by enemies, this DMG bonus increases by 80%. But those bonus is only used by the off-field character.

Dehya plays as an off-field supporter and the only character who can absorb DMG for the whole team while she is inactive. When she takes damage from enemy attacks, Dehya's attacks get a 50% buff at maximum. Though it's not enough for her to play the role of the main DPS, she can be a helpful off-field sub-DPS with these buffs.

Dewflowers Glow
Dewflower's Glow is designed for Dehya and off-field supporters who absorb DMG taken for the team.

In fact, you can also equip these two artifacts for many other characters who need Hydro DMG buffs and HP buffs. Childe and Dehya are the best users for these two artifacts now. But Genshin Impact may introduce more characters who can optimize the bonuses of these sets.

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