Windblume's Breath festival began yesterday. You can go see the following non-playing characters in Teyvat to talk with them and complete the A Gathering of Outlanders quest. Check out all NPC locations in Windblume's Breath Festival here.

Mika and Cyno

Mika has become playable in the current banners of Cyno and Dehya in Genshin Impact 3.5. He is also an important non-playing character in the new Windblume's Breath festival in Mondstadt. Participants can find Mika and Cyno at Stormterror's Lair in Mondstadt.

Cyno carries a Kamera with him and waits to take a photo of the Stormterror Dragon. Mika accompanies him with concern and curiosity. You can go there and talk with them about the festival and missions during this big event.

Mika And Cyno
Find Mika and Cyno at Stormterror's Lair

Collei, Amber, and Eula

You will find three characters Collei, Eula, and Amber on the beach of Falcon's Coast. These playable characters will appear as NPCs during the Windblume's Breath event in Genshin Impact 3.5.

The Forest Ranger Trainee from Sumeru met her old friend, Amber at this festival. Eula and Amber take Collei to visit the beautiful Falcon's Coast in Mondstadt to compare the nature and wildlife between Sumeru and Mondstadt.

Falcons Coast
Go to Falcon's Coast to find three hidden NPCs and complete A Gathering of Outlanders quest

Tighnari and Albedo

Albedo took Tighnari to visit the Starsnatch Cliff, a well-known destination north of Thousand Winds Temple. The two handsome guys are talking about Cecilia flowers, a local floral species in Mondstadt. You can also hear them talking about their scientific properties.

Players can also chat with Albedo and Tignara by interacting with them. Head to this hidden NPC location to find them, take some photos, and have interesting chats about Cecilia or something else interesting.

Tighnari And Albedo
Starsnatch Cliff is the next hidden NPC location you must visit in Act I of the event.

Candace and Setaria

Candace and Setaria are also important NPCs in Windblume's Breath Festival 2023. The Traveler can find these two beautiful non-playing female characters in Aaru Village in Sumeru. Cyno is absent from his bodyguard role for Setaria since he is busy taking photos of the Stormterror in Mondstadt.

Therefore, he asked Candace to fill in the vacancy while he is away from Sumeru. Setaria and Candace will tell you something interesting when you visit them during this celebration.

Aaru Village
Go to Aaru Village and meet Setaria and Candace.


Dehya is another new playable in Genshin Impact 3.5. She is also featured as an NPC in this big event of Update 3.5. You can find her in Akademiya helping Cyno out with his duties while he is waiting for a photo of the Stormterror at Stormterror's Lair with Mika.

Dehya Location
You will meet Dehya taking over Cyno's duty in Akademiya.

After the Windblume's Breath event, the location of these characters will change. You can only find them in these places during this festival.

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