Windblume’s Breath will be the biggest event in Genshin Impact 3.5 with many game modes and tons of rewards. Check out some important details about Windblume’s Breath event here.

#1. Floral Pursuit

The first game mode in Windblume’s Breath 3.5 is 'Floral Pursuit' - a Bloom Balloon hunting game. After unlocking this game, you need to collect a certain number of Balloons to unlock the next challenge area.

Some Ersatz Balloons chase after you and try to hit you. Each player has ten lives per challenge. If you are hit by Ersatz Balloons 10 times in a round, you will fail the challenge. So, try to avoid and escape those balloons with your sprinting skill.

Prepare For The Upcoming Event
Prepare for the upcoming event 'Windblume’s Breath' in update 3.5.

But players can also dispel Ersatz Balloons for 7 seconds by collecting enough Galeblessings in the area. Moreover, the collection range will be expanded for 10 seconds after you get a Gatherblessing.

Tips: Activate the light source in dark areas to see balloons and move some bookcases to open/close new ways to move and collect more Bloom Balloons.

Genshin Impact Floral Pursuit
Collect all Bloom Balloons in the area.

#2. Ballads of Breeze

A lot of Genshin Impact veterans played Ballads of Breeze before. This is a music game in which both your eyes and your fingers must be nimble. Different music notes will fall on the Decision Line on your phone screen or desktop. Here's how to play this game.

  • Tap on the single note correctly when it reaches the line.
  • Touch the first point of the long note and hold it, and release it when the note ends.

Players are allowed to edit the tune to play. The more accurate notes you can touch, the higher score you will get. Each score milestone gives players different sets of rewards.

Ballads Of Breeze
Play the music game in the Ballads of Breeze game mode.

#3. Breezy Snapshots

Windblume’s Breath also has a photo-taking game called Breezy Snapshots. During the event, you need to equip and use the Kamera. Then, move the position of your character and adjust the angle of the lens to take a photo that covers the required number of photo-taking points.

Besides, you have to fulfill some other missions, such as:

  • The character included;
  • Time of photo taking.

If you want to adjust the camera settings, tap on the option of Pausing Challenge. After completing each photo, you will claim corresponding rewards.

Breezy Snapshots
Take photos in the Breezy Snapshots event.

Bonus: Event Rewards

Players can earn up to a thousand Primogems and a lot of rewards in the biggest event of the Update 3.5. Especially, you can get a free 4-star sword named Mailed Flower and some Unfading Silky Grace items - the special ascension material for this sword. Crown of Insight is also a rare reward.

Apart from those valuable gifts, you also get decent materials for talent level-up, weapon ascension, character EXP, and tons of ores.

Mailed Flowerreward
Get the free weapon Mailed Flower and lots of rewards from this event.

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