Yelan has a secret role in the Ministry of Civil Affairs. She also has many secret facts that many players haven't known. Check out the top five facts about Yelan in Genshin Impact. Many interesting aspects of this character are also unveiled through these details.

#1. She Likes Spicy Food

Though Yelan has a cold appearance, she loves hot and spicy food. Xiangling, one of the most famous chefs in Liyue, thought Yelan would love lighter food. But it turns out that Yelan can handle spicy food better than any other customer in her kitchen.

Xiangling's hot dishes are not spicy enough for Yelan. She even eats raw Jueyun Chilis. Yelan even drinks a special tea made from dry Jueyun Chili. She hates sweet dishes because Yelan believes that sweetness makes us relaxed and less concentrated.

Yelan Loves Spicy Food
Yelan loves spicy food with hot Jueyun Chilis.

#2. She Has A Teahouse

A lot of players don't know that Yelan is the owner of Yanshang Teahouse. Someone reported that it was a secret gambling house where they lost all their money when playing with an unknown sly lady.

That lady is none other than Yelan who then turned this teahouse into her secret base after Childe murdered the former owner. The smart lady uses that teahouse as a place for intelligence gathering where she meets people from every class, especially criminal organizations.

Yanshang Teahouse
Yanshang Teahouse is the secret base of Yelan.

#3. Yelan Is A Reliable Woman

Ningguang said she could trust Yelan unreservedly. That's why the businesswoman made exceptions for Yelan and let her be absent from work frequently. In addition, Keqing also commented that Yelan was reliable and efficient and an important member of the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

#4. She Is The Best Spy

Yelan can change her skin and create a fake profile excellently to sneak into criminal organizations and take precious pieces of information. With a smart brain, good communication skills, and different sources of information and clues, Yelan can handle and solve every criminal case.

She makes all parties trust her and bring important information to help her find the answer. Many people think that they are the only party working with Yelan. Then, they share everything they know with her. But the owner of Yanshang obviously has various sources of information.

Yelan Is An Excellent Spy
Yelan is an excellent spy with great skills.

#5. Constellation Describe Her Personality

Her constellation is named "Umbrabilis Orchis" which fits her spy role perfectly. This mysterious lady often works and solves questions in the dark like a beautiful and elegant orchid blooming and giving off an aroma in the shadow. Yelan's skills and constellation-based gameplay are also designed based on important details in her stories, such as gambling and dicing.

Yelan Constellations
Yelan's constellations tell you her life story.

Yelan is a very interesting character with a bold and unique design. Her appearance and personality are very attractive.

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