Spiral Abyss was refreshed on Feb 1st, 2023 with many new bosses, including the dangerous triple Maguu Kenki. Check out the top 5 tips and tactics to defeat triple Maguu Kenki in Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss 3.4 here.

#1. Gather Triple Bosses

The best tip to defeat the trio is to gather them in a place to attack at the same time. To group these three enemies, you head to their location and switch characters. Then, triple Maguu Kenki will concentrate on your character.

It helps your AoE attacks deal equal damage to all of them and clear the chamber faster. Besides, you can observe all three bosses and respond to their attacks quickly. If you can only focus on one boss only, the two other bosses can attack your back.

Maguu Kenki Spiral Abyss
Triple Maguu Kenki in Spiral Abyss 3.4.

#2. Utilize AoE Attacks

AoE attacks are better to deal with groups of enemies in Spiral Abyss 3.4 like triple Maguu Kenki. You should use Childe or Hu Tao as DPS in your team to deal DMG to all three monsters without having to move much.

Most of the AoE attacks in Genshin Impact have a small effective range. That's why you have to use the first tip to gather them around. If you build a strong team with powerful DPS characters, you can complete this chamber within a minute.

Use Aoe Attacks
Use AoE attacks to win the triple faster.

#3. Release Bursts To Dodge

Your character won't get attacked during the elemental burst animation. Therefore, it's a pro tip to dodge deadly Anemo slashes of Maguu Kenki. If you want to learn the attack pattern of the boss and practice this tip before trying it in real combat in Spiral Abyss, go to challenge the single Maguu Kenki in Inazuma first.

#4. Master Timing Skill

The triple Maguu Kenki in Spiral Abyss 3.4 attack your characters every 10 seconds. Timing skill is important to dodge the powerful slashes of these bosses. If you don't have any burst to release and take the advantage of the burst animation, you should learn and count till the next attack of the monster to avoid getting hit.

Count The Time To Dodge
Count the time to dodge their hits and respond to them.

Most of the enemy in Genshin Impact has certain attack patterns and a fixed interval between two attacks. Therefore, it's easy for Genshin Impact veterans to count the time and dodge all hits with experience and skills.

#5.  Use Shielder/Healer

If it's hard for you to count the time, you should use a strong shielder and/or healer to keep all characters safe and alive before moving to the next chamber. Zhongli is the best choice for the shielder role and Kokomi is the best healer in this game now. They will secure your whole team until you unlock the next chamber.

Use A Strong Shield
Use a strong shield to protect your team from the deadly attacks from the boss.

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