Genshin Impact 3.5 has seen many leaks, although it remains to be seen how credible they are. The content included in this roundup includes potential reruns, Dehya being on the standard banner, and some Spiral Abyss news. While some of these leaks could be true, others could be false

With 3.4 nearly coming to an end, more and more are getting leaked about the content of 3.5. In this article, Gurugamer is going to round up the latest batch of leaks, including rerun banners, Dehya, and Spiral Abyss.

Remember that all information in this article is subject to change. As usual, more credible leaks will arrive once the official date for the live stream draws nearer.

1. Genshin Impact 3.5 Rerun Banners

Overall, there have been a few contradicting leaks about the content of 3.5 banners. However, most agreed that Dehya and Cyno are going to be in the first half.

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The leaked 3.5 rerun banner has the latter half being Mondstadt.

The second half, on the other hand, can be either Eula + Venti/Albedo or Ayaka + Shenhe. As the second part of the 3.5 update might come back to Mondstadt (and Mika is Eula's support), it is highly likely that 3.5's second part will be an Eula Rerun. MiHoYo tends to run 5 star characters alongside their support like in Wanderer + Faruzan banner for example.

The update isn't due for release until late February or early March (depending on the player's region), so there could be a lack of credible information until then.

Dehya might join the normal banner

A few Chinese leakers, such as Keika, state that Dehya will eventually become a standard banner character after Genshin Impact 3.5. Many members of the leak community disagree with this, however.

Dehya Genshin
Most players are not that impressed with Dehya's Split Scaling

If this is accurate, she will be the 2nd 5-star claymore character in the Wanderlust Invocation normal banner alongside Diluc. As there is a precedent with Tighnari getting added to the normal banner after his rate up, the possibility is there.

3.5 weapon banner

As usual, the weapon banner for Genshin Impact 3.5 is going to be the signature weapon of Dehya, Cyno, Albedo and Eula.

2. Genshin Impact 3.5 Spiral Abyss lineup

Another leak has come out about the new lineup of Genshin Impact 3.5's Spiral Abyss Floor 12. It also includes some buffs that players can expect with the update.

The most notable point here is that the Setekh Wenut will be in 12-3's second half. Also, there appears to be only one Maguu Kenki in 12-2 rather than three, like in Version 3.3's 12-2.

3. How good is Dehya?

Dehya's kit is fairly overdesigned so it is rather hard to say if she would be an effective DPS or not - it all depends on her multipliers. Dehya's playstyle is pretty much standing still and punching enemies while taking hits at the same time.

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She just got a recent buff to her numbers.

Molten Inferno creates a field that greatly reduces the damage taken by the active character and fires off a Pyro attack when the active character is hit. As her 1st passive further cuts down the damage taken by 60%, Dehya would overall take about 30% less damage. As this skill also increase Dehya's resistance to interruption, there should be no problem tanking hits.

Her 4th ascension passive automatically heals when she hit 30% or lower, allowing Dehya to continue fighting even without a healer.

Dehya's Burst seems to be the main source of her damage - she should be able to attack rapidly and deal a lot of damage during it. The duration of the skill is very short, however - it lasts only 4 seconds.

4. How good is Mika?

Mika is pretty much the new premier support for Eula. His whole skill set is designed around healing (which Eula needs), and Physical damage bonus (which for now benefits only Eula). The attack speed buff from his Skill is also fairly usable for Eula as well. His Cryo element also allows him to battery Eula and give her Elemental Resonance.

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Mika appears in story quests.

The bonus given by Mika is based on how many enemies the player manages to hit with his Skill. For each enemy hit, the active character would gain one buff stack of 10% Physical damage (max 3). The 2nd passive increase the max stack to 4 and give an extra stack.

This means in a single target scenario, the maximum Phys damage bonus Mika can give is only 20%, but if there are 3 enemies, players can get up to 40% instead. Similar to Faruzan, Mika's C6 is fairly busted. It increases the max Phys buff stack to 5 (50% DMG) and gives the active character an extra 60% Physical Crit DMG. Eula users should aim to get C6 Mika.

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