Honkai Star Rail is miHoYo's latest game scheduled for release on April 2023. Similar to the usual gacha game, players will get a number of free rolls at the start. If you are a f2p, getting a top tier 5 star is a must, as the character would be able to carry you through hard content more easily. In order to accomplish that, rerolling might be a good idea.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the pre-release character tier list so that players could reroll a good lineup.

Star Rail Elements and Path System

In Star Rail, characters can use one of seven elements: Physical, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Quantum, and Imaginary. There are also seven playable Paths: Destruction (general DPS), Hunt (single-target DPS), Erudition (multi-target DPS), Harmony (buffers), Nihility (debuffers), Preservation (shielders), and Abundance (healers). A character's path shows players what exactly the character does in game.

Star Rail Elements and Path System

S Rank

Honkai Star Rail Beta Sign Up 1647081298 16

High tier, with the best characters in the game. Getting one of them in your initial pulls makes the starting account ideal. It is best to make them your reroll target if you are going to reroll at all.

Hero Rarity Path Element
Bronya 5-Star The Harmony Wind
Seele 5-Star The Hunt Quantum
Luocha 5-Star The Abundance Imaginary
Himeko 5-Star The Erudition Fire


Bronya is the best buffer in Honkai right now. She can advance the turn of 1 character in your team, buff their DMG, and her ultimate can increase ATK and CRIT DMG for 2 turns. If you need your main DPS to burst down a foe or heal from your support, Bronya's skip turn can easily make that happen and this is why she is S tier.


Luocha is the key to hard content in Star Rail. His healing can sustain the entire team easily while his buff removal allows players to deal with problematic bosses.


Himeko is the usual all-rounder stat stick with huge AoE damage - her whole kit deals great damage to the entire enemy team.


Seele is the best single target DPS in the game so far, with her Ultimate being able to erase a boss fairly easily. Activating Seele’s skill will buff her SPD by 25%, and if she is able to defeat 1 enemy, she’ll gain an additional turn and she’ll gain an additional DMG buff too.

A Rank

Honkai Star Rail Dan Heng 4
Dan Heng

A Ranks are high-potential characters with useful skills and roles for your team. Despite it being 1 tier lower than the S Rank, they could still be a great character that would significantly help you progress in the game. It is possible to just settle for them if you are not able to get an S Rank.

Hero  Rarity Path Element
Dan Heng 4-Star The Hunt Wind
Gepard 5-Star The Preservation Ice
Jing Yuan 5-Star The Erudition Lightning
Kafka 5-Star The Nihility Lightning
Welt 4-Star The Nihility Imaginary
Silver Wolf 5-Star The Nihility Quantum
Blade 5-Star The Destruction Wind
Sushang 4-Star The Hunt Physical


Blade’s skill set reduces his HP in exchange for powerful AoE damage. The reason Blade is in A tier instead of S tier is that you need to invest a good build on him first.

Dan Heng

Dan Heng is a free story character who can deal decent damage and debuff enemies. He can be a F2P's main single target DPS if they haven't managed to get an S tier.


As a sub-dps tank, Gepard’s kit revolves around coating your entire team with his shield and a high chance of freezing one enemy from his skill.

Jing Yuan

Jing Yuan is your AoE lightning DPS character. His skill will deal AoE lightning damage to all enemies, and his ultimate will also deal higher damage of AoE lightning attack to all enemies.


From her ultimate, she will deliver shock debuff to the enemies, which will deliver lightning DoT or Damage over Time for 3 turns. While this does not result in big numbers, it is actually fairly effective in practice.

Silver Wolf

Similar to Kafka, Silver Wolf also deals damage over time. But, instead of delivering shock debuff, Silver Wolf delivers entangled debuff instead, delaying the enemy’s action by 40%.


Sushang is a single target physical DPS whose kit revolves around RNG which will make her attack the enemy multiple times. Her ultimate deal high physical damage to a target and advance her action, allowing Sushang to deal even more damage.


Welt is your slow debuffer with Imaginary element. His kit can slow and delay enemies' action greatly.

B Rank

B Ranks are characters that are still useful, but you would want to consider switching them during the mid-game progress. Despite the fact that they are B tier rank, these characters are still great and will definitely help you during the early game.

Honkai Star Rail Press Kit Image 2
The MC is a B-tier at best.
Hero  Rarity Path Element
Trailblazer 5-Star The Destruction Physical
March 7th 4-Star The Preservation Ice
Natasha 4-Star The Abundance Physical
Herta 4-Star The Erudition Ice
Clara 5-Star The Destruction Physical
Asta 4-Star The Harmony Fire

C Rank

C Ranks are the characters that could be useful, but only after you heavily invest in them. Usually, this is not possible during the early game progression. And even with the huge build investment, their kits or attributes are quite lackluster. Thus, you can consider substituting these characters instead of using them.

Hero Rarity Path Element
Serval 4-Star The Erudition Lightning
Hook 4-Star The Destruction Fire
Sampo 4-Star The Nihility Wind
Pela 4-Star The Nihility Ice
Arlan 4-Star The Destruction Lightning

Honkai Star Rail Reroll guide

To get your wanted characters, you might want to spend some time rerolling by doing the following steps:

  • Start the game as a guest.
  • Finish through the tutorial.
  • Go to the gacha and summon your characters.
  • You can continue from here if you have earned your preferred hero. But if you are not, you can repeat the process by uninstalling and reinstalling the game until you earn a desired hero.

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