You can use Yelan in any team and easily build a strong team with this flexible character. However, pro players can use this 5-star character as the main DPS as they know these tips to maximize Yelan's damage.

#1. Have Enough Energy Recharge

Yelan's damage mostly comes from her elemental burst, especially when she has a low constellation level. Besides, Hu Tao, Xiangling, and many other characters need the Hydro Aura of Yelan to trigger powerful elemental reactions, such as Vaporize. Therefore, Energy Recharge (ER) is the most important index to build for Yelan.

Don't hesitate to sacrifice her personal ATK status and invest all artifacts and gears in the ER. It lets Yelan recharge her elemental burst quickly after CD time. Apart from weapons and artifacts, teammates also help Yelan recharge her energy better.

Yelan As A Tanker
Yelan needs high RE stats.

Another pro tip for energy recharge is grabbing all elemental particles. Check out to do it below:

  • Release elemental skill to create elemental particles.
  • Use the elemental burst and Yelan will grab all those particles during the burst animation.

This tip helps your Yelan charge a lot of energy to use the next burst earlier.

Yelan Banner
Yelan's burst is very useful.

#2. Use Best Skill Combo

Apart from building her ER, using the right skill combo also helps maximize Yelan's damage. The best combo must start with a burst, followed by an elemental skill attack, and then quick normal attacks within 2 seconds.

Both her skill attack and normal attack can trigger Hydro arrows from her burst with different ICDs. Therefore, Yelan can shoot up to three water arrows in less than 2 seconds when using this skill combo.

Use Yelan Properly
Use Yelan's skill combo properly.

Moreover, as her elemental skill's CD (10 seconds) is shorter than the effective time of her burst (15 seconds), you can use the combo of Elemental skill and two normal attacks twice after one burst only to increase the number of water arrows she can shoot. This helps Vaporize the team of Hu Tao and Xiangling a lot.

#3. Unlock 2nd Passive Talent

You should unlock and make use of her second passive talent 'Adapt With Ease'. During the effective time of Yelan's elemental burst, the active character on the battlefield deals 1% more DMG which increases by 3.5% per second during the active time of the burst.

The maximum DMG buff from this passive talent is up to 50%. It's much higher at the end of the burst's active period. Therefore, you should trigger powerful reactions and release mind-blowing bursts at that moment to maximize the total output damage, especially for the Hypercarry characters, such as Hu Tao and Raiden Shogun.

Build Yelans Team Properly
Build Yelan's team properly.

Therefore, you should release Yelan's burst early so that the Hypercarry character and main on-field DPS can get the greatest DMG buff when they are active. But don't use it too early or her burst's active period may end before the main DPS can use their strongest attacks.

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