Hypercarry is a widely-used term in Genshin Impact. But many players do not know what Hypercarry in Genshin Impact is and who are Hypercarry characters. Check out how to build a Hypercarry team here.

I. What Is Hypercarry In Genshin Impact

The term 'Hypercarry' is used wisely in many games that you play with teams, including Genshin Impact, LoL, etc. This terminology is popularly used in LoL. When Raiden Shogun was released, Genshin Impact players started to use this term more frequently and wisely.

Hypercarry refers to a character who is powerful enough to carry the whole team, usually in terms of Damage. They are in charge of dealing high damage to enemies while other team members will support him/her actively.

Raiden Hypercarry
Raiden Shogun makes the term 'Hypercarry' more popular in Genshin Impact.

II. Who Are Hypercarry Characters?

A Hypercarry character is often the main DPS of the team. They must be powerful enough to take the responsibility of dealing tons of damage to the opponent and carry other characters. Besides, an attack combo of this character must get buffs from the rest of the team.

There are some characters in Genshin Impact who can take the Hypercarry role in your team, such as:

  • Raiden Shogun;
  • Kamisato Ayaka and Kamisato Ayato;
  • Hu Tao;
  • Wanderer.

As long as you build your Hypercarry character correctly, they can carry your team to get victory in any combat. Don't ignore the current banner of Hu Tao if you haven't got a true Hypercarry in your character collection. Choose the right wish spot for Hu Tao and try to get her now.

Alhaitham Is A New Hypercarry Character
Alhaitham is a new Hypercarry character.

Supporters are also very important in a Hypercarry team. You should keep an eye on the special talents of supportive characters, such as Shenhe, Bennett, Sara, Xingqiu, etc. Selecting the right supporters for the Hypercarry character is very crucial in determining if it's a normal DPS team or a Hypercarry team.

III. How To Build Hypercarry Teams

A Hypercarry team must have one Hypercarry character and three supporters. Three supporters have to give the Hypercarry the greatest buffs to maximize their output damage to the target. The total damage of this team depends on your strategy, gameplay, and character kits.

You don't need overpowerful characters with one-hit kills to take the Hypercarry role. Here are some top-picked Hypercarry teams in Genshin Impact 3.4 you can learn from.

Raiden Shogun
Raiden Shogun is the most outstanding and popular Hypercarry character.

#1. Raiden Hypercarry

You need a Kujou Sara C6 in the Raiden Hypercarry team. Bennett and Kazuha are the two other characters to support Raiden Shogun in this team. Raiden Shogun is also the first character to bring the concept of "Hypercarry" to Genshin Impact due to her insane power.

#2. Kamisato Ayato

You need Kazuha to spread the Hydro element of Ayato and reduce the enemy's RES first. Then, Bennett and Yunjin will release their burst to buff Ayato. Though Hydrp is not considered to be an aggressive element, Ayato still makes it deadly to enemies.

Ayato And Ayaka
Both Ayato and Ayaka can carry their teams.

#3. Alhaitham

Yaoyao or Nahida is the first option for the Dendro supporter role to mark targets with Dendro. Then, pick up two other characters from your character list to trigger Spread and Quickspread reactions. Dendro elemental reactions are also the core meta of Genshin Impact recently.

#4. Kamisato Ayaka

Frozen is the best team to build with Ayaka. But Ayaka Hypercarry is a must-try team with Bennett replacing the Hydro character in the Frozen team. She can also get buffs from Shenhe and Layla, a new Cryo character from Sumeru.

Ayaka Is A Hypercarry
Ayaka is a Hypercarry character in Frozen teams.

#5. Hu Tao

Hu Tao can play as her Hypercarry team with Zhongli, Yelan, and Xingqiu if you build Zhongli as a shielder instead of a DPS. Yelan and Xingqiu will provide Hydro marks for Hu Tao to trigger the Vaporize reaction. Hu Tao is also powerful at C0.

#6. Xiao

After update 3.3, Xiao's Hypercarry team includes Xiao, Faruzan, Jean, and Bennett. Faruzan is the best Anemo supporter in the game now. She can boost every Xiao's attack and skill effectively after she casts her elemental skill and burst.

Hu Tao And Xiao
Hu Tao and Xiao are also Hypercarry characters.

#7. Arataki Itto

Itto Hypercarry team needs at least two Geo supporters for him. Gorou is often the best choice because he's less rare than Albedo and Zhongli. In the near future, Genshin Impact may introduce a new Geo character from Sumeru. But her appearance and kit haven't been confirmed yet.

Those Hypercarry teams are easy to build because you don't need many rare characters to build. Sometimes, you need only one 5-star character and three 4-star supporters to set up a strong team.

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