Lisa and Ayaka have got their new skins in Genshin Impact. Ayaka's Springbloom Missive outfit is purchasable, and Lisa's A Sobriquet Under Shade is free to obtain. Check out how to get Lisa Skin and how much Ayaka's skin is here.

I. How To Get Lisa Skin?

Lisa's skin is named "A Sobriquet Under Shade". As usual, you can get alternative skin for this 4-star character for free. It's a reward item in the current in-game event - "Second Blooming" in update 3.4.

This event takes place between Jan 31st and Feb 13th, 2023. Apart from Lisa's free skin, participants also get a lot of Primogems and valuable rewards, such as character and weapon materials. Check out the event guide here.

A Sobriquet Under Shade
A Sobriquet Under Shade

#1. Unlock Second Blooming

Only Genshin players who have reached AR 20 and above are eligible for the Second Blooming event. Besides, you have to complete the two quest chains below to unlock this event:

  • Song of the Dragon and Freedom archon quest;
  • Character story quest "Tempus Fugit Chapter: Act I" of Lisa;
  • A Librarian’s Long and Carefree Vacation world quest.

After completing the world quest at Puspa Cafe in Sumeru city, you will move to Mawtiyama Forest to start the combat challenge of the day.

Second Blooming Rewards
Second Blooming rewards are attractive.

#2. Play Second Blooming

Go to the event lobby to unlock and locate Second Blooming combat challenges in Sumeru. There are five combat challenges during the Second Blooming event unlocked every day. Notably, the Second Blooming domain will be removed after the last day of this event.

When you enter the event domain, you have to build three teams from trial characters and your obtained characters. Then, select the proper buffs for these teams before starting the match. There are many types of buffs for each element and role in the team.

Build The Team For Second Blooming Combat Challeng
Build the team for Second Blooming combat challenges

Each challenge has three rounds. You will get at least 2,000 points for each challenge. If you clear enemies quickly and perform well in the given time, you can earn higher scores.

#3. Claim Lisa's Skin

Second Blooming participants need to fulfill two missions to get the new free skin for Lisa. It's only free to obtain from this event.

  • Complete five combat challenges;
  • Get 10,000 points.

It's very easy to get the new Lisa's skin in this event. Don't ignore this chance or you have to pay money for it later after this event ends.

Get It For Free
Get it for free only in the Second Blooming event.

II. How Much Is Ayaka Skin?

Ayaka's new skin is called Springbloom Missive. This five-star alternative outfit is purchasable in the outfit shop of the game. It costs you 1,350 Genesis Crystals now. If you want to buy it with a discount, spend your money before update 3.5. Or else, you will have to pay 1,680 Genesis Crystals for this outfit after this update.

Ayaka And Lisa Skins
Ayaka and Lisa's new skins.

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