Kaeya is probably the best starter for a new player in Genshin, alongside Xiangling. Overall, he is a versatile enabler and sub DPS, and a conditionally powerful main DPS. His low ER requirements and consistent Cryo application make him good in both Melt teams and Freeze/Superconduct teams.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete guide for Kaeya in Genshin Impact 3.4.

Genshin Impact Kaeya

1. Kaeya Talent Priority & Constellation

Talent Priority

Burst > Skill > Normal Attack

Kaeya’s Burst is the largest single source of damage and consistent Cryo application in his kit, dealing up to 15 instances of damage with a stationary character and enemy.

His Skill is a simple but useful tool, with the ability to apply Cryo and generate particles on a short cooldown. Kaeya’s A4 allows him to battery other Cryo units easily - it unlocks his potential as conditionally the strongest battery in the game, second only to an on-field Bennett.

Kaeya’s normal attacks are perfectly adequate, but they are not the centerpiece of his kit so players can leave it for last.

Kaeya Sparkle
Kaeya's Burst is his best ability


Overall, Kaeya's last levels of constellations are the best, but due to him being in the Normal gacha pool, it is very hard to get C5 and C6 on him.

  • C1: Increase CRIT Rate of NA and CA against opponents affected by Cryo by 15%. Useful for DPS Kaeya but not that good against anything else.
  • C2: Increase the duration of his Burst every time it beats an enemy. Overall the skill's usefulness depends on the abyss matchup.
  • C3: Small damage increase.
  • C4: Triggers a very weak shield, which is not that useful.
  • C5: Significantly increase the damage of Kaeya's Burst.
  • C6: Massively increase the damage of Kaeya's Burst alongside Cryo application and Energy requirements.


Kaeya is generally an excellent quickswap or off-field Cryo DPS due to his low field time, long Burst uptime, and incredible Cryo particle generation.

  • In Freeze teams, Kaeya’s Burst deals significant off-field damage and maintains the Frozen status on enemies. Moreover, Kaeya’s Skill can battery his Cryo teammates.
  • In Reverse Melt teams, Kaeya’s Burst and Skill both deal substantial damage and require little field time.

2. Kaeya Artifact Sets & Stats

Energy Regeneration requirement

Overall, the more Cryo characters in the lineup, the less ER Kaeya would need.

Skill Uses Solo Cryo Double Cryo Double Cryo (Freeze) Triple Cryo
1 230-285% 170-210% 155-180% 145-160%
2 195-230% 150-190% 135-160% 120-140%
3 170–200% 135-165% 115-130% 115-125%

If holding Favonius Sword, Kaeya’s ER requirement is lowered by 15-25%.

Artifact stats

  • Sands: ATK% (EM / ER)
  • Goblet: Cryo DMG%
  • Circlet: CRIT
  • Substats: ER (until requirement is met) > CRIT > ATK% (>= EM)

Artifact Sets

  • Freeze team: 4p Blizzard Strayer for sub-DPS damage, 4p Noblesse for Support.
  • Reverse Melt team: 4p Emblem of Severed Fate

3. Best Weapons for Kaeya

Mistsplitter Reforged

Mistsplitter Reforged is Kaeya’s best option in Freeze teams because of its base stats and helpful passive. It is substantially better than other 5-star swords on Kaeya. He doesn't really synergize much with any 5-star swords and only uses them as stat sticks.

Kagotsurube Isshin: This is a great free-to-play option that provides good ATK stats thanks to its secondary stat and passive. Players should use a Normal Attack before casting Kaeya’s Burst to snapshot the passive.

Favonius Sword: One of the best options for an off-field support build due to its ER stat and Energy particle generation. An excellent option when Kaeya’s ER requirements are high (above 160% ER). While Kaeya’s personal damage will suffer, his teammates have lower ER requirements which means they can build more offensive stats.

The Alley Flash: This is a good option in Freeze since it possesses the highest Base ATK among 4-star Swords as well as a good passive. Its EM secondary stat is useless, however. At R1, it is worse than Kagotsurube Isshin but better than other 4-star options. At R5, it performs on par with Kagotsurube Isshin.

Lion’s Roar: Kaeya’s Best-in-Slot 4-star option at high refinements. Its passive is easy to trigger in Reverse Melt teams, which allows it to be incredibly potent.

4. Team comps for Kaeya

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Kaeya is a great battery for other Cryo characters.


Character Description
On-Field Cryo DPS Options:
Ayaka benefits greatly from Kaeya’s excellent batterying. Her tendency to stay close to enemies throughout a rotation means she synergizes well with Kaeya’s Burst.
Off-Field Cryo Support Options:
Diona, Layla, Qiqi
Kaeya’s Freeze teams generally do not require healing or shielding, since enemies are usually Frozen and thus cannot deal damage. These options also deal significantly lower damage than on-field or quickswap alternatives. Nonetheless, an off-field Cryo support can be used to sustain and buff the team with their artifacts or kits.
Quickswap Cryo Options:
Rosaria, Shenhe, Chongyun
Rosaria is a great quickswap Cryo DPS partner because of her low field time, particle generation, CRIT Rate buff, and Elemental Burst damage.

Shenhe boosts Kaeya’s Cryo DMG substantially. She also enables Kaeya to frontload his damage, which can be useful for enemies with short DPS windows.

Chongyun’s 2nd Constellation reduces cooldowns, which enables 100% uptime on Xingqiu’s Burst. He also enables Kaeya’s on-field Cryo DPS playstyle due to his Skill’s Cryo Infusion.

Off-Field Hydro Options:
Kokomi, Mona, Xingqiu, Yelan, Ayato, Barbara
A Hydro character is necessary to Freeze enemies. Kokomi, Mona, and Ayato can provide AoE Hydro application and team buffs. Xingqiu and Yelan are high DPS options for single-target situations. Barbara is a free-to-play option that can apply Hydro to enemies with her Skill at very short range.
Anemo Options:
Kazuha, Sucrose, Venti, Heizou, Jean, Sayu, Anemo Traveler
An Anemo character is necessary in Freeze teams since they provide additional Elemental application to help maintain the Frozen status, enable the 4p Viridescent Venerer’s Elemental Shred, and group enemies with their abilities. Kazuha is notable for his Elemental DMG% buff.

In situations where Venti’s Burst completely lifts enemies, Kaeya should use his Burst after Venti’s Burst ends, since Kaeya’s Burst cannot hit fully lifted enemies within Venti’s Burst.

Reverse Melt

Character Description
Bennett Bennett provides a significant boost to the team through his ATK buff, healing, and potential contribution to Pyro Resonance. Bennett can hold 4p Noblesse Oblige or 4p Instructor to provide additional buffs to the team. When paired with Xiangling, Bennett can use his Elemental Skill to battery her.
Chongyun The Cryo Infusion from Chongyun’s Elemental Skill allows Kaeya to be played as an on-field Cryo DPS. Additionally, Chongyun’s Elemental Burst can trigger Melt on each hit, which leads to tremendous damage. Note that unlocking Bennett’s C6 prevents Kaeya from using Chongyun’s Cryo Infusion within Bennett’s Burst.
Rosaria Rosaria contributes a high amount of damage and can trigger Melt on all ticks of her Burst. She also provides a substantial CRIT Rate buff to the team.
Shenhe Shenhe substantially buffs Kaeya’s Cryo DMG and triggers Melt with her own abilities. She also enables Kaeya to frontload his damage, which can be useful for enemies with short DPS windows. In turn, Kaeya can help lower her high ER requirements.
Jean In a “Sunfire” setup, Jean’s Burst and Bennett’s Burst can work together to apply Pyro through rapid Pyro Swirls. Bennett’s Skill is needed to apply Pyro near the end of the rotation due to the short duration of Jean’s and Bennett’s Bursts.
Kazuha Kazuha is an excellent pick due to the application from his Pyro-absorbed Elemental Burst, his 4th Ascension Passive, and 4p Viridescent Venerer Elemental Shred. He also contributes a sizable amount of damage with his Burst and Swirls.
Sucrose/Heizou Sucrose and Heizou are good options since they provide an EM buff to the team, group enemies, provide 4p Viridescent Venerer Res Shred, and can hold Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers. While not as good as Kazuha, they are still perfectly viable options.
Xiangling Xiangling is a great choice due to her personal damage and Pyro application. She also benefits greatly from Bennett’s batterying potential.

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