Iridescence In Papers is a new Genshin web event that rewards players with 120 Primogems. Check out how to take part in this Lantern Rite web event and get all rewards here.

I. Event Schedule & Eligibility

The current Lantern Rite web event Iridescence In Papers takes place between Jan 29th and Feb 7th, 2023. Genshin Impact players who reached AR 10 and above can take part in this web event. Beginners who haven't reached this level can try to gain more AR EXP and level up quickly to be eligible for this event before the end date.

Genshin Impact Iridescence In Papers
Iridescence In Papers is live now.

II. Rules & Missions

The new web event "Iridescence In Papers" is easy to play and get rewards. Follow these steps to complete it and claim 120 easy Primogems and a lot of rewards.

#1. Collect Papers

During Iridescence In Papers web event in Genshin Impact, participants have to collect papers by completing event missions. Each completed missions give you 10-15 pieces of paper. Here are all the daily missions of this event.

  • Log into the game
  • Log into the Iridescence In Papers web event
  • Use 40 Original Resin
  • Complete 2 Daily Commissions

There are some custom missions changed daily, such as visiting the official page of the game on different social media networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Hoyolab, etc. Choose one of them to share the event with your friends and other players.

Iridescence In Papers Web Event
Iridescence In Papers Web Event is an interesting mini-game for players on every platform. 

#2. Unlock New Scrolls

After you collect enough 50 pieces of paper, you can unlock a new scroll. Then, select the scroll to play the paper-cutting minigame. Use your mouse or finger to trace along the dotted line on the paper and cut the shape properly.

Select The Scroll
Unlock and select the scroll to play paper cutting.

Next, participants will receive some pieces of paper cutouts to assemble and shape an object. After completing this task, you will get a reward for the right object. You can try many times until you cut the right shape and assemble the right object.

Cut The Shape
Follow the dotted line to cut the right shape.

It's more difficult to keep the mouse along the dotted line without a mouse pad. Therefore, it's easier to play this mini-game on a smartphone. Click on the event link and you can take part in the Iridescence In Papers event on your phone.

III. Web Event Rewards

Give the object to the character in the scroll and claim rewards. It takes you only a few days to complete all missions and claim all these rewards. But you are allowed to miss some missions and receive a part of these gifts. Here are all rewards you can obtain from this easy web event.

  • Primogem ×120
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore  ×8
  • Hero's Wit ×12
  • Mora ×100,000
Claim Rewards
Claim all rewards after completing all missions.

Don't ignore this web event because it's a great source of Primogems to save wishes for new characters. Hu Tao and Yelan's banners are coming soon.

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