Thoma is one of the less common support in Genshin Impact, but is actually amazing when built right. His shield is perfect for units that perform Normal Attacks (NAs) often (who are extremely vulnerable to interruption during their DPS window). Even if Thoma’s shield breaks, he can easily create another one when the on-field character uses Normal Attacks during his Burst, preventing the DPS from getting staggered.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the best team comps for Thoma in Genshin Impact 3.4.

1. Thoma Shield Support

One of Thoma’s most common builds. The most important thing to note about this playstyle is that Thoma is not a set-it-and-forget-it shield like other shielders in the game. You will need to NA to keep his shield up.

Thoma + Hu Tao/Yoimiya Team

  • Hu Tao + Xingqiu/Yelan + Thoma + Flex

Because of Thoma’s ability to provide Interruption Resistance, Pyro Resonance, and an NA/CA buff at C6, he is an extremely valuable member of Hu Tao teams. As Hu Tao needs to keep her HP low, she can't use Bennett, which means Thoma is the obvious choice for Pyro battery and shield.

Thoma Best Polearms Genshin 8d18
Thoma is the go-to character to support Hu Tao (if you don't have Zhongli).

Hu Tao’s N1C combos allow Thoma’s shield to be stacked and remain strong for the entirety of the fight while minimizing the number of Vapes stolen by Thoma. The flex slot tends to be an Anemo character holding the Venerer set to Swirl Pyro for RES shred.

This team is best utilized with the Anemo slot filled by Sucrose and the Hydro slot filled by Xingqiu, but Kazuha and Yelan are also viable alternatives. Players can sub Yoimiya in for Hu Tao - the team would function the same way.

Cyno Aggravate/Quickburn

A type of “reaction soup” team. Thoma is an ideal shielding unit for Cyno as his shield is able to last throughout the entirety of Cyno’s Burst. Additionally, at C6, Thoma is able to buff Cyno's NAs. Unlike other Shield Support Thoma teams, you also have the option to run 4-piece Gilded Dreams on Thoma to gain some extra damage. The ideal options for the Electro and Dendro slots are Fischl and Nahida, respectively.

Genshin Impact Cyno 1
Characters who mainly use NA/CA enjoy Thoma's support, especially at higher constellation level.

Itto Triple Geo

Thoma acts as a shielder and a buffer at C6 for Itto. If Zhongli is unavailable for the 3rd spot, Thoma makes it possible for this team to effectively utilize Geo Resonance as well. For the maximum potential of this comp, the Geo unit would be Albedo.

Xiao/Wanderer Double Pyro

Within this team, Thoma acts as a shielder for Xiao and Wanderer. Additionally, he acts as the 2nd Pyro team member with Bennett to trigger Pyro Resonance. At C6, Thoma is also a damage buffer.

Due to the way Thoma’s shield works, it is extremely important to use NA cancels on Xiao, otherwise Thoma’s shield will break fairly easily.

2. Thoma Burgeon/Overload

The best role for a DPS Thoma. Due to Burgeon being a Transformative Reaction, EM and character level are the only things that affect damage. ATK and Talent Levels do not factor into Burgeon reactions and they cannot crit. It is also possible to run Hybrid Thoma for a stronger shield to combat Burgeon self-DMG and enemy attacks while still dealing a good amount of damage.

Genshin Impact Thoma Build Best 1
Thoma can be an effective DPS in a Dendro team.

Kokomi - Thoma Burgeon

  • Kokomi + Thoma + Nahida/DMC + Albedo/Fischl/Dendro Flex/Cryo Flex

A team where full EM Thoma is completely acceptable. Kokomi acts as the on-field unit within this team and also as a healer to sustain Burgeon self-DMG as well as damage from external sources.

This team’s flex slot is extremely versatile. Some of the most viable options are a 2nd Dendro unit, Fischl, Albedo, and a Cryo unit for Fridge. A 2nd Dendro unit will likely be the best option, but the others don’t fall too far behind. Xingqiu and Yelan are also possible options here to lower Kokomi’s ER requirements when used with DMC, but generally produce fewer Dendro Cores as Dendro application is generally the limiting factor when it comes to Dendro Core production. Xingqiu and Yelan are not recommended with Nahida due to how Nahida’s Skill triggers on reaction.

Ayato - Thoma Burgeon

  • Ayato + Thoma + Fischl + Nahida/DMC

This team allows for a relativley easily infusible DMC Burst within Ayato’s Burst. Due to the lack of a healer in this team, Thoma will be run with a more HP-focused build. If you run Nahida, you will want her to Burst in this team due to Skill gaining more procs when there is an Electro character in the team.

Ayato Needs High Constellation Levels
Ayato can be supported by Thoma

Childe - Thoma Burgeon

  • Thoma + Childe + Nahida/DMC + Kazuha/Cryo Flex

Thoma’s lengthy off-field Pyro application combined with Childe’s consistent and flexible on-field Hydro application creates a powerful multi-target oriented team. Thoma’s C2 is often recommended here, as the longer Burst duration allows using Thoma before Childe to establish a Pyro aura and Vaporize Childe’s Ranged Burst.

Thoma can be built either with full EM or HP with EM substats, depending on who the other units are. Diona is a strong option here, as Cryo application enables higher Dendro Core generation and she is one of the few units that can comfortably allow Thoma to build full EM in a Childe Burgeon team.

Raiden - Thoma Overload

  • Raiden + Thoma + Anemo + Flex

This team is mainly an Overload-focused team where Thoma will be triggering Overload during Raiden’s Burst, while the Anemo flex unit acts as a Viridescent Venerer holder and an EM Buffer (Sucrose) or DMG% buffer (Kazuha). The flex slot can be someone used to buff Raiden’s damage such as Kujou Sara or Bennett.

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