Yelan is one of the strongest support in the game, capable of dealing strong and consistent Hydro damage with an extremely powerful Burst. She has the same function as Xingqiu, but focuses more on damage boost.

With the release of Dendro, Yelan has become even better. She synergizes well with on-field Nahida for increased Dendro Core production while providing significant personal single-target damage. She can also fit in Bloom and Burgeon comps fairly easily.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete guide for Yelan in Genshin Impact 3.4, including talents, artifact builds, and team compositions.

Genshin Impact Yelan Ascension Materials
Genshin Impact Yelan

1. Yelan Talent Priority & Constellation

Talent Priority

Level > Elemental Burst > Elemental Skill > Normal Attack

Essentially all of Yelan’s damage scales from her HP. As such, she benefits significantly from being leveled to 90/90, which provides a sizable boost to her Base HP.

Unless Yelan is C6, it is not advised to level up her Normal Attack Talent. In all other cases, Yelan can only realistically use a Breakthrough Barb once per combat; thus leveling this Talent has a negligible impact on her performance.

  • Yelan’s Skill is a relatively high damage ability that generates 4 particles upon damaging an entangled enemy. When possible, Yelan should try to cast this Skill twice per rotation to reduce her Energy requirements.
  • Yelan’s Burst is the focus of her kit. It consolidates a large share of her notable personal damage, offers consistent off-field Hydro application, and activates her Ascension 4 Passive. Her Burst is the main reason she is compared so often to Xingqiu.


  • C1: Allowing Yelan to get another Skill usage every rotation, thereby lowering her ER requirements significantly.
  • C2: This Constellation adds an additional projectile to every other wave of her Burst. While this is a significant damage increase on its own, the extra Hydro application it provides expands the number of teams she can fit in and improves many of her existing ones.
  • C3: Extra damage for her Burst.
  • C4: Yelan’s C4 improves her own damage as well as that of any HP-scaling teammates such as Hu Tao and Kokomi. Situationally useful.
  • C5: Minor damage increase overall.
  • C6: This allows Yelan to spend more time on-field with extra Breakthrough Barbs attacks. Players need to level her NA talent to make use of this.


Q > Normal Attack > E > Normal Attack: Allowing Yelan to fire 2 extra Exquisite Throw attacks before swapping out.

2. Yelan Artifact Sets & Stats

Energy Regeneration requirement

Yelan's ER Req depends on whether or not she has a battery and C1.

Yelan Er Infog 1024x487
Yelan ER Requirements

Artifact stats

HP% has considerable value on Yelan. While 30k is a good value to strive for, it can still benefit her significantly beyond that, sometimes even overtaking CRIT (particularly when Yelan does not benefit from HP% buffs).

  • Sands: HP% or ER%
  • Goblet: Hydro DMG
  • Circlet: Bonus CRIT


  • ER% (until requirement) > HP% (until 30k HP) > CRIT / CRIT DMG > HP%

Artifact Sets

4pc Emblem of Severed Fate:  Hands-down her best set, providing her with much-needed ER as well as allowing her to capitalize on the significant ER that she builds. While its value decreases at lower ER requirements, it is rarely ever low enough to knock its value down.

2pc + 2pc mix of EoSF / Heart of Depth / Tenacity of the Millelith / Noblesse Oblige 2pc combinations of the listed sets can be used, with the difference between them generally coming down to substats.

3. Best Weapons for Yelan

Genshin Impact Aqua Simulacra Bow
Genshin Impact Aqua Simulacra Bow
Weapon Description
Aqua Simulacra Yelan’s strongest option for personal damage. However, it relies on her artifacts having sufficient ER% substats for her Burst.

The disparity in personal damage compared to other options increases as ER requirements fall.

Elegy for the End One of Yelan’s best weapons, especially in reaction-based teams such as Vape or Soup.
Favonius Warbow Yelan’s best 4★ and F2P option, providing Energy for both her and her teammates. However, its effectiveness drops in teams with low ER requirements (like Double Hydro).
Slingshot A good F2P option for Yelan if her ER requirement is extremely low.
Sacrificial Bow An effective option when Yelan has high ER requirements but ultimately less consistent in meeting them at low (< R3) Refinements compared to Favonius Warbow.

4. Team comps for Yelan

Yelan Xingqiu
Yelan actually synergizes very well with Xingqiu

Yelan + Xingqiu teams

Yelan and Xingqiu are the best Hydro duos in Genshin. They can support each other with energy while applying multiple instances of Hydro off-field, which is useful in multiple teams. The other two flex slots can be:

  • Hu Tao + Kazuha / Zhongli / Layla: Two Hydro units can guarantee a large quantity of Vapes for a well-played Hu Tao without regard for Constellations. Kazuha and Zhongli provide RES Shred as well as enemy grouping and safety, respectively. Layla can serve as a 4-star option for shielding if Zhongli is not available.
  • Raiden Shogun + Jean: Raiden can trivialize the ER requirements of this team and provide Electro for Jean to Double Swirl. Jean provides healing and RES Shred to both Elements at once with Viridescent Venerer (VV).
  • Fischl + Beidou: Yelan applies enough Hydro to trigger Fischl’s A4 at a pace comparable to Anemo alternatives, and the team can excel in content with low enemy counts.
  • Nahida + Kuki / Raiden / Thoma: Yelan and Xingqiu, paired alongside on-field Nahida, offer significant Dendro Core production, which allows Kuki and Raiden to trigger Hyperbloom and Thoma to trigger Burgeon.
  • Bennett + Xiangling: Yelan provides this core with a larger focus on single-target damage and speedier recovery from overlapping Pyro applications overtaking Hydro.

Yelan Hyperbloom/Burgeon

  • Yelan + Dendro Enablers + Pyro / Electro Triggers + Flex
Nahida is the ideal unit to drive both versions of Bloom-derivative reactions. Her Dendro application’s reliability and speed are unmatched by any other Dendro unit, and it is still great even when she is not on-field. Players can replace her with Collei or Dendro Traveler.Thoma/Raiden/Kuki can serve as the trigger. The last slot is flexible depending on what players have.

Yelan Taser Enabler

  • Yelan + 2x Electro + Anemo

This team is fairly straightforward - players can just pair Yelan with some of the more popular electro DPS like Fischl, Yae or Beidou. The last slot can be Venti/Kazuha or Sucrose.

Yelan Pyro DPS Enabler

  • Yelan + Pyro + 2 flex

Together, Hu Tao and Yelan can produce some of the most competitive single-target damage in the game. However, without her C2, Yelan struggles to reasonably enable Hu Tao on her own — at C0, she will require additional support such as C6 Fischl or Kazuha’s Hydro-absorbed Burst.

She can also fulfill Xingqiu's role in a national team with Xiangling and Bennett.

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