Genshin Impact Setekh Wenut is a new boss in Genshin Impact 3.4. You need to defeat this new boss and pick up the Pseudo-Stamens for Alhaitham's ascension. Check out its location and the best teams to defeat this dangerous boss here.

I. Setekh Wenut Location

Genshin Impact players can find Setekh Wenut in the Desert of Hadramaveth in Sumeru. Like other overworld bosses in this game, Setekh Wenut also lives in an underground cave. It's a snake-like monster with a drill on its head. Therefore, this monster can drill into the sand to dive in and out of the ground.

Moreover, Setekh Wenut has a hard shell with sharp and dangerous thorns. Therefore, you need some tips and the best team to defeat this dangerous boss to get ascension materials for Alhaitham.

Setekh Wenut Location
Setekh Wenut lives in a cave in Hadramaveth Desert in Sumeru.

II. Best Teams To Counter

Overloaded is the best team to defeat Setekh Wenut in Genshin Impact now. Besides, you need a strong shield and a useful healer to keep the whole team alive and recover your HP during the food consumption cooldown time. Based on your character list and their levels, you can build your own team to counter this boss.

But your team should have the following characters in your team.

  • DPS: Yoimiya, Tighnari, Ganyu, Raiden Shogun, Keqing;
  • Sub-DPS: Yae Miko, Fischl, Xingqiu, Yelan;
  • Healer/Shields: Kokomi, Zhongli;
  • Support: Nahida, Yunjin.

You need a strong DPS with an AoE burst because this snake-like monster is very nimble. Their AoE attacks are very useful to deal with this over-world boss. Besides, you need a strong shield to keep your characters safe and alive from deadly attacks of Setekh Wenut, especially on-field DPS, such as Yoimiya and Ganyu.

Ganyu Is A Strong Range Dps
Ganyu is a strong long-range DPS to counter Setekh Wenut.

III. Tips To Defeat Setekh Wenut

Apart from a strong team, you also need some tips and strategies to counter Genshin Impact Setekh Wenut.

  • You should trigger powerful elemental reactions, such as Overloaded, Frozen Electro-Charged, and Hyperbloom, etc.
  • Switch between melee and long-range characters to deal with the enemy in different stages. For example, attack the enemy's tail with short-range DPS fighters, such as Raiden Shogun and Keqing when its tail pokes out of the ground. Switch to bow wielders when the boss floats in the air.
  • Be careful with its Stream of Gales attack. In this stage, you should use Zhongli's shield to keep all characters safe.
  • Destroy the Windbite Bullets of the boss quickly with the Cryo, Electro, Hydro, or Pyro attacks of your DPS bow wielder. It makes the boss be more vulnerable. Then, you can deal higher damage and defeat Setekh Wenut faster.
Destroy Windbite Bullets
Destroy the boss's Windbite Bullets hovering in the air.

If the boss level is too high for your current team, you should level up your team first. Then, reduce the world level to decrease the boss level.

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